Thursday, June 01, 2006


I blame Carol.

Yesterday I was due to pick MIL up from the airport, her flight was due in at 11.55 I needed to be there by about 12.10 so I didn't have to overstay my welcome in the "drop off/pick up" area.
I had an email from Carol and she mentioned something which started me off on a rant of a reply. I glanced at my watch and thought "bum, it's quarter to and I'm going to be late..." (actually it wasn't "bum" but you can imagine, I'm sure)
I grab jacket, keys and dash out of the house, completely forgetting my circle journal package which is already late getting in the post (sorry Kel), jump in the car and head for the delight that is Luton Airport, and the wonderful (not) prospect of a few days with MIL for company.
Every set of traffic lights is on red. There are roadworks in Hitchin and I'm stuck in a queue which was literally a mile long. Good run up the 507, but just as I reach the 30 mile limit I get stuck behind a really slow truck. I'm soooooo late.
But, what's this? No sign of MIL - but its 25 past, surely she must be through by now? I ring Hubby "Can you check the flight's on time because I'm here and there's no sign of her"
"Why are you there already?"
I look at my watch again and the penny begins to drop
he continues " The plane's not even due to arrive for another 30 minutes......"

Great. Fab. What a pillock

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