Monday, June 19, 2006

Nothin' much

Not much to report.
At long last the guys came on Thursday to insulate the loft. This meant hubby spent Saturday putting some boarding down and I reverted to the role of Chief Go-fer. Between handing planks and tools up to him I managed to make a card for an order. I'd planned a sort of "Happy 2nd Birthday to Our Little Princess" theme but couldn't quite get it to fit, so went for this instead:

I'm quite pleased because I actually used the QK tiara and wand that have been languishing in the die box since I bought them thinking "Oh wow aren't they cute, I'll used them loads....."

Fellow Blogger NZJane made the little dress - I added the little silver flowers to match the pink and silver colour theme. Jane is such a cleverclogs, her stuff is fab though sometimes she doesn't seem to realise how admired her work is.

I'm not sure where Sunday went, it sort of just disappeared. All I remember doing was making some earrings from silver and swarovski crytal beads and wandering into town at some point to post a belated Birthday card for another fellow Blogster Debbie. Happy Birthday for yesterday Debs. Do you want to see the card I sent?

And that was the weekend over.

I'm hoping that today the postie will bring a parcel of goodies I ordered last week. I might need a bit of help and guidance on a project I have in mind for a Christmas gift - so watch this space, OK?

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Janine said...

love the princess card. That Jane is clever isn't she? I think i love it cos of the colours but also Df nick name for me is princess lol