Monday, June 26, 2006

Players are ready.....

Wheyhey, today is the first day of Wimbledon. And after a good few weeks of amazingly good weather, I woke this morning to the sound of rain hammering on the Velux window above my head - well, WHAT a surprise.....not.
So here I am, the draws for the Gents and Women's Singles tournament all printed off and waiting to be followed with my customary eagerness and they've already been on, off and on the courts and it's only 2pm. Forecast is better for tomorrow, they say, but today is going to be one of those seriously annoying ones - I'd just like to say, Please God, don't let Cliff Richard start singing, that would be too cruel.

So backtracking a bit to catch up with what's been happening (not much, but what's new? - and don't say "microchip technology" because that's actually not so new anymore, really is it, now?)
Our loft is now insulated, and boarded and ready to receive all our junk, the Christmas stuff, the old paperwork, the skidlids and all those other boxes of stuff you don't want to see every day but don't want to get rid of! So next weekend I guess we'll be back into "sorting" mode, ruthlessly discarding the bits we REALLY don't need to keep and putting the rest up in the loft at last. This of course will lead to the time when we have to do some decorating as the room currently disguised as a great big walk-in cupboard is actually designated as the No 1 Guest Room! See how one job leads seamlessly to another?
Yesterday I got the ladders out and hacked a few more braches off one of the trees that's been allowed to do it's own thing. They empty the garden rubbish bin on Wednesday and it would be a waste to put it out without it being packed to the very top! At least that particular tree looks loads better now. Which one will be next to face my little pruning saw.....

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