Friday, February 26, 2021

Happy Ever After


Hope your week has gone well

I'm late today, so getting straight to this week's Daring Cardmakers challenge
Fairy Tale Day
Celebrate National Tell A Fairy Tale Day with us today! Rizwana would like you to create a card inspired by a Fairy Tale or fairytale character.

Mine ended up as a card with that age-old Fairytale ending as its theme - though when I starred it was going to be based on Rumpelstiltskin and have more gold thread.  

I think what I loved about the Rumpelstiltskin story was the picture of him stamping his foot so hard that it went through the floorboards and got stuck.  

Could that be because I've always been a bit of a 'stamps foot in frustration' kind of person myself? hmmm. maybe!

Large white square card blank, plus more matching card for die-cutting the cascading hearts and the background square. Gold card for the scalloped square, and various glitter, shiny and pearl gold card scraps for the heart details
I adhered 2 white heart cascades together, cutting some away to get the shape I wanted I cut some parts of the cascade in the gold cards, along with some of the fill in hearts. I used these to add gold 'frames' over some of the white areas, and fill in white 'frames' with the different types of gold card

The sentiment pieces were created on the pc and printed out, then a hew bits of gold thread were added, along with a couple of red gems 

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Happy Crafting, and please Stay Safe

Friday, February 19, 2021



I hope your week has gone well, and you have something to look forward to at the weekend.

I'm getting straight to Joanne's Daring Cardmakers challenge for this week.  A bit of a continuation from last week's smoochy Valentine's Day theme
Kiss Kiss!
Ever heard that the Friday after Shrove Tuesday is Kissing Friday?
Unthinkable nowadays, but until the mid-20th century this strange UK custom allowed a schoolboy to kiss a girl without fear of a slap or a telling off! It was especially popular in the Victorian and Edwardian era.
As today is Kissing Friday I challenge you to make a card with a kiss this week - it could be an image of characters kissing, some luscious lips or use a kissing technique with your rubber stamps.
I was a bit stumped for quite a while with this one.  I had no dies that could be used, and no real, or digital papers which would work either. In the end I turned to an image search with that clever Ms Google and found this smiling mouth image.
Square white card blank, plus more card in white, red and  black
I resized and printed the mouth image, then covered the lips with Glossy Accents.

The sentiment was printed directly onto the card and the large letters cut from red and black card using a Spellbinders die set;1 layer in red, 2 in black. Once the letters were ready they were adhered to the top of the card. 

Once the image was dry I layered it onto red and black card rectangles and adhered the whole thin at a jaunty angle to the card blank and I was done!

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Happy Crafting, and please Stay Safe

Friday, February 12, 2021



Hope your week has gone well despite the freezing cold, wind and snow! Definitely a good reason to stay home and warm and maybe indulge in something crafty.

I'm getting straight to this week's Daring Cardmakers challenge - a little bit of love to make us all feel cosy!

Its Dawn here with this weeks challenge and as its nearly Valentines Day I would like to see your cards featuring some love. It doesn't have to be just for valentines.
Think of an occasion when someone needs a little love, a hug or even just a card to show you care. Things are hard at the moment so sending a card just because you care is so needed and will be appreciated.

Square white card blank, plus more matching card for die-cutting the cascading hearts and the rectangular frame twice each.

I adhered the 2 heart cascades together, then did the same with the rectangular frames. Next I glued the frame on top of the cascade and then this whole piece to the card. 
I'd saved all the little hearts from the cascade so next I chose some 'sunset' shades of ink to colour a mix of the different sizes.  To add a bit of contrast I coloured some with aqua shades. 
To apply them to the card, I used a spot of glue to the back then pushed it into the relevant sized hole and made sure it was stuck in place my rubbing a small headed ball tool around each.

I added other hearts to some of the plain white ones that form part of the cascade, then used some of the spare ones to make single heart stacks to add outside the cascade.  
The words were cut from a couple of layers of black card, then 'Love' in an embossed gold card; this was adhered just off the black layer to create a bit of a shadow
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Friday, February 05, 2021

Another Butterfly!


Hello, Happy Friday!

I hope you've had a good week, even though we're all staying in our homes and trying to keep Covid at bay.  Its shocking how virulent it is, so definitely worth taking extra care.  
After the news of the loss of the inspirational Capt. Tom we ventured out of our front door on Wednesday evening to applaud and give thanks for the way he brought the nation together last year.  What a hero.
It was also so lovely to see and exchange a few words with all our neighbours for the first time since before Christmas.  Hopefully we'll be allowed to resume our socially distanced Sunday chats before too long.
February Elemental Inspiration
It's Joanne here this week and as it's the first Friday of the month we have an elemental challenge for you.

 Choose at least three elements (colour scheme counts as one element) from the picture to kick start your project.

 Ideas might include violets, ferns, amethyst, twine, ribbon, pins, pen nibs, lace, books, book text, Edwardian lady or gent, garden tools, hats, shells, script sentiment.
I chose the Twine, Lace, Ribbon and the Gold of the pen nibs, then added in some of the mauve shades for good measure!

Smooth white card blank
I used washi tape to mask the borders, then painted with watered down Lilac-Lavendar Nuvo Embellishment Mousse using a large brush, and keeping as much variation in colour and thickness as I could manage. 
Once that was dry I mixed a tiny scrap of Old Navy and the same Lilac Nuvo mousse together to get a shadowy colour and added this through
my favourite stencil over parts of the base colour.
Next I used the same stencil with Gold Glacier paste, then to
 finish the background I stencilled in a few areas with PVA glue (clean the stencil quickly if you try this!) and added some bright gold gilding flakes over the glue.  Once it was completely dry I brushed off any excess to leave a few gilded pattens and little touches of shiny gold

The top layer of the butterfly is a Memory Box die, which I cut from some inked card. For the lower layer I made a template using the die, then cut it out in textured gold card. I adhered lengths of lace and some grosgrain ribbon to the card and positioned the butterfly on top. The small Black and white sentiment is from a set was created on the pc and printed out. I made a triple bow using twine and glued it to the the sentiment, adding a couple of gems for some bling.
To finish I added more gems, plus a few tiny circles cut from scraps of the textured gold card and scattered over the background

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Happy Crafting, and please Stay Safe

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Butterfly Birthday


 hi there

I know! 😀 its been a while since I managed a midweek blog post, and I'm definitely not expecting it to be a regular thing - I know my limitations!

Here we are in February then - not my favourite month, but its been ok so far - yes, I know its only the 2nd but I'm trying to be positive, haha!! 

As usual, I'm slow blogging the things I've made, though to be honest there's not much really recent stuff as getting back to crafting after Christmas is always hard. So I've been scrolling back through photos from the end of 2020 to find the things I missed sharing

Today I've a birthday card made for a dear friend to share.

I used a similar background design for a few of my Christmas cards and liked it so much I thought I'd adapt it for a birthday card

I started by using Washi tape to create the 3-squares grid and then added the colours using various shades of Nuvo Embellishing mousse.
The Tonic Scribble Circles were cut from an embossed silver card, and the swirly sprigs (also Tonic) from a pearly pale green card
For the butterflies (Hunkydory dies), I used more Nuvo mousse to make the lower wings and plain black card for the fancy upper layers.  I added a few silver gems to the lower layer so that they show through some of the holes in the upper ones
To finish I added the sentiment and a few more tiny gems
 The Black and White elements were pc generated.
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Happy Crafting, and please Stay Safe