Thursday, June 01, 2006

Castlemania 1

OK so MIL has gone out for the day with her sister who now lives near us (you've no idea how much pleasure this gives me!), so I thought I'd dig out some of the photos from previous trips up to my home county, and show you just some of the fantastic castles we have in Northumberland. I love castles - probably because I grew up so close to so many of them!

These three are of Dunstanburgh Castle, the first is the view from just outside Craster village taken as you make the long walk towards it

Eventually you reach the gates!

Alternatively you can approach from the village of Embleton
on other side - it's just as long a walk.
This is the view from the beautiful Embleton Beach

Two photos of Bamburgh Castle, one from the beach
and the other taken inside the castle grounds.

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