Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little Bit Vintage

As usual its my turn to upload a project onto the Bubbly Scrumptious Blog today and its another project using the new Bubbly Funk May Kit.
This kit has chintzy, vintage feel which I decided would be perfect for an 80th Birthday card I need for an order.

There are step-by-step instructions on how I made this card on the Bubbly Scrumptious Blog today
The new kit will be available soon from the Bubbly Funk Shop

Took the little camera for a walk around the garden yesterday. It's great to see flowers and buds appearing all over the place. Here are a few of the photos I took.
I've still not made my mind up about the photo corner thingie on the LO below - its a bit hard this scrapbooking lark, isn't it? My gut feeling is to add the corner, but I'm not really sure yet!
Indecisive? moi?
Thanks for looking, remember, I do love to read your messages so please don't head off without saying "hi"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Almost Too Much Excitement!

What a Bad Blogger I've been! Bad Blog-hopper too, for that matter but I'm going to make some time to ahve a good old mooch around my favourite places asap.

Soooo much excitement around here in just a few days!
First of all last Wednesday a man came to clean the ovens. hob and extractor hood - what, you don't think that's exciting? lol You would if you'd seen the state of it before and after! haha

Then on Thursday two men came to tame the conifer hedge at the back of the garden. It was last done just before we bought the house, and by the look of it they'd actually got some butchers in to do the job. No offence to any butchers who may be reading this, but butchers deal with meat, and tree surgeons deal with trees. Or that's the way it should be.
It's taken the 3 years we've lived here for the trees to green up again, and apparently we were very lucky that they did.
Knowing that the guy who was coming to do the job didn't use ladders for work like this, hubby left me with the camera all fitted with a big lens so that I could take photos from the upstairs window to mark the occasion.
Picture 1: Man and chainsaw disappear into trees
Picture 2: Man's head pops out at top of trees
Picture 3: Man gets to work with chainsaw
Picture 4: Man stands nonchalantly on newly cut tree stump, presumably contemplating next cut.
The wood frame you can see at the bottom of the photo is a pergola that I can't reach the top of which should give you some idea how high up Tree-Man was!
Having cut all along the top, they then trimmed the face of the trees so now our hedge is neat and tidy - and thankfully, still nice and green.

Excitement no 3 came on Sunday, when I met up for the first time with forum friends Tracey and Rosie to go to a scrapbooking workshop. It was great to meet them and we had a lovely gossipy time. Rosie of course already does scrapbooking and really just came along for the waffle! Not sure if Tracey has done any before, but I certainly haven't, my only scrapbook efforts have been 8x8 and only about five of them!

So you've got to be gentle with me, OK?

I've got two photos of my very first 12x12 LO to show - because I don't know whether to add the photo corner permanently or not - please feel free to add your tuppenceworth to the debate - I'd really like to know what you think about the photo corner - and also whether you think it needs anything else. I'm not confident enough after just one LO to make any decisions at all!

Anyway, I was so exhausted after all that excitement that I was in bed with a drinking chocolate by 9,30 on Sunday evening - I know, I'm pathetic, aren't I? lol

Last for this time is a birthday card for Youngest Nephew Adam, who'll be 7 in a week or two (one of the many family birthdays we have in May)

It's a variation on a design I did for Nephew Dan's birthday last year. I used my pirate ship Robo template again, and the same ribbon, but I didn't have a ready made chippie skull and crossbones so had to Robo cut this one several times then stick them all together to get the chip effect I wanted. I need to alter that template though as the eye socket and mouth bit aren't really big enough.

If you made it right through to the end - Well Done!
You'll be glad to know that that's the lot for this time/
Hope to catch up with everyone really soon,
Thanks for popping by

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blooming Again!

Well, its Spring-time and we've been enjoying fabulously warm and sunny weather (though the weatherman says that's all due to change for the w/e - typical!).
Maybe that's why everyone's gone all-floral!

Flowers yesterday and Flowers today. Maybe flowers tomorrow too, who knows? lol

Today its Lythan's turn to do the honours over on the Daring Cardmakers - she says:

This week Lythan wants your help through this dare...


I have loads of enormous paper flowers that I have bought and never used. So I want to see some really big embellishments on your cards. Bonus points for outsize blooms!

Well! how about that coming up the very day Tracy's new Creative Treasures Flower Kit landed on my doormat? What a fab excuse to start using these little beauties straight away.
The first of two 65th birthdays one of my customers needs cards for is right at the start of May and Lythan's dare and Tracy's flowers helped me get started. And so did Jozza with her dare of a couple of weeks back - at least I think it was a help, but it could just be that I'm making more work for myself instead! - suddenly, I can't make a card without hiding something!

So, here's my Big Bloomer for Lythan's dare:

The very huge pink flower isn't in the flower kit, but the others are. The whopper is from Dunelm Mills - the card is 14cms square and as you can see the flower nearly meets the edges so Lythan, I'm claiming my bonus point! lol
So, what was the hidden bit here then?
Well, when you lift the right hand flap of the gatefold.....

There's another "flower" with a message hiding underneath.
decorated the inside too as inserts are so tricky for gatefolds - but I forgot to do a photo. ooops!

Papers are Fancy Pants....hang on while I go and check which set......Aged Florals
Ribbon and flowers from Creative Treasures May Flower Kit
Circles, scallops and all words/numerals are Robo cut
The little pink pearls are...hmmm, I can't find them to check the pack - I'll edit when I do....

If you're anything at all like me, you'll hae a nice stash of big bloomers somewhere in your drawers (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun), so now's a great chance to use some of them. The DCM design team have come up with some fab ways to use them to help get the inspiration flowing. Seeing all your creations will be wonderful this week, I just know it.

Back soon with more crafty stuff, but I need to get started on BOY cards now...oh joy....not!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blooming All Over

Happy St. George's Day!

Lucky me!

I get to give the first glimpses of the May Bubbly Funk kit today on the Bubbly Scrumptious emag and I get to post them here too.

The flowery chintzy papers reminded me of those gorgeous vintage hat boxes so for my first project I delved into the pile of "that'll come in useful one day" things and pulled out one of a set of nesting gift boxes my mum bought years ago - there must have been loads in the set - because she used some before I got my hands on them, and I've tarted up a few to use for presents - and there's still 3 or four left!
The one I chose for this project is abt 12.5 cms in diameter, anad before I got the scissors and glue out it looked like this:
By the time I'd finished it looked like this:
You can see the whole project by visiting Bubbly Scrumptious, where you'll find loads of inspiration for all sorts of projects, plus some non-craft fun and games too

I've a crafting list as long as my arm to get through so I'm heading back to my craft desk now. I hope you've enjoyed your visit to the Wafflezone, and will come again soon :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Felt Bird

If you like a challenge you might be interested in a fairly new monthly challenge set by Karen over on the Bubbly Scrumptious emag. The challenged run for a month and are just for a bit of fun - and hopefully to stretch our creativity and make us step out of our comfort zones just a little bit.

Last month we were asked to decorate a tin - I did that little brown and cream number with some of the gorgeous Artful Flowers on it. This month Karen asked us to make a felt bird - she asked a few people to make one so she would have something to put on the initial post to give some ideas. Once I'd made mine and sent the pics I completely forgot to add it on here.
I'm busily working on DT stuff and cards for an order so haven't had much I can share this week, but checking all the new stuff on the emag this morning reminded me about my felt bird

He's quite tiny - the whole card is only 12x12cms.
Once I'd made the bird - using the first pieces of felt that I found in my scraps box, I couldn't think what sort of background to put him on. You'd think I'd have learned a little about forward planning by now, wouldn't you? Took longer to decide on the background than it did to make the flippin' bird!

May is fast approaching and I suppose that'll mean another nagging email from Karen lol lol about the next challenge. Actually {wink wink} I already know what it is. Do you want me to whisper?....

Still time to flutter over to Bubbly Scrumptious and join in with the felt bird challenge though....and see all the other fabby articles and projects that appear there every day too

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Shoes

This is another card I made using the April Crafty Templates set, which this month is one of Leo's fab Embellish Buddy sets. These come in JPGs as well as PDFs, which really boosts the number of ways you can use them.
Obviously you can still use them to make shaped cards, but you can also make them any size you like! You can use them as images for your cards; print them off and colour in, or digitally colour them before printing. I've used mine to make Craft Robo templates. A couple of days back I blogged the kitten and doggie cards I made, today I've got my favourite to share

I loved this template - Leo 's put so much attention into the details - look, there's even the little label for the maker's name - you know, the one that sometimes comes unstuck and makes your foot all sticky! I even enjoyed converting it so that Mr Robo could cut it out for me. The great thing is that now I've done it, I'll be able to cut these fab shoes any size I want!

I used papers from the Goodies Kit, also available from Crafty Templates - it's all gorgeous turquoise, brown and creamy shades, with some ribbon, string of "pearls" and other lovely odds and ends.
You can check out all the info on Crafty Templates HERE

Friday, April 17, 2009

One for the Boys

During May I have 6 family birthdays to make cards for. Only two are girlies :( , then there are 3 nephews (15, 9 & 7) and one of my BiLs so I was almost relieved when Rein issued the Daring Cardmakers DT with this one:

It's Rein here this week, and I'm daring you to make a masculine card

Games and Toys for Boys

put a race track, dart board, vehicle... on your card. Here are some from the Design Team to get you started

At least this means I've got one of those dreaded male cards made in good time. As I've just had an order for 6 or 7 "special" cards, also for May, I really need to pull my finger out and get some cardmaking done!

So, here's my card for the DCM this week, I wish I'd used some different papers, it looks a bit dreary, don't you think? I reeally should invest in some new "boy-themed" papers, maybe that would help me feel more inspired for making masculine stuff. I doubt it, but its worth a try - and a good excuse to do some shopping too.
The funny little car is from one of Leo's older Crafty Templates collections, I used Crate Paper "Zoom" for all the papers on this card. The hub caps are large brads flattened by a wallop with the hammer.
I made a Robo template for the balloons then cut it in layers of paper and silver card to get the right effect. The little "badge" is all Robo cut too.

I hope this dare will inspire you to make a masculine card - or maybe even two! They are probably not high on our favourite themes for cards eh? so maybe this is just the push you need to get cards for your dads, brothe's, nephews, OHs and all those other difficult "Male of the Species" cards ready to go.
Please pop over to the Daring Cardmakers Blog - I'm sure the DT cards will inspire you to get crafting with a male theme this week!

I made this card using Beckie's sketch on Bumbleberry Crafts and it sat on my desk for days because I didn't think it looked right. After a while I decided it was the rub-on flowers that looked wrong, it was all a bit "flat".
So I made a couple of mini poppies and added those over the rub-on flowers. I think the tweaked version looks much better, what do you reckon?
Actually, it makes a change for me to persevere and try and make a card work - you should see how many half made cards I have hidden around the place - they may not be "working" but I still can't throw them out (well, the really really bad ones, I do!). I think in thise case it was so close to being OK - and of course I'd put all that effort into making the big tattered poppy, hadn't I?!

Just a reminder that if you'd like to be in with a chnace of owning the little book I showed on here yesterday, then you've got till 6pm (UK time) to make a card following sketch #8 over on the Sketch File blog.
All for now, back next time with another card using the April Crafty Templates Embellish Buddies collection, hope to see you soon

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Only Words

One of my most favourite songs is "Only Words" by Extreme - its one of those songs that make me go "ahhhh" when I hear it. Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" does the same and so does "Fix You" by Coldplay.

That little piece of waffle is because the title of the little book I've been making this week was going to be "Only Words" - but after I'd Robo cut the words out I decided against using the "only" - because a) there wasn't really enough room and b) I didn't want anyone to confuse the Extreme song with anything by the Bee Gees (shudder!), perish the thought!
Besides, the contents are nothing to do with songs, lol

Inside this little album are lots of my favourite, most thought-provoking quotations. I had a fab time making this grungey, mucho-distressed little book and its not only my project for today's Bubbly Scrumptious blog, but its also going to be the blog candy for the winner of my Sketch Challenge over on the Sketch File.
If you would like to be in with a chance of winning this book you'll need to be quick as the draw closes tomorrow. More Info

There are lots of photos and info on how the pages are made on Bubbly Scrumptious today. I loved making this mini-book, - its the sort of project that you can really let rip on and try out different techniques - the pages are quite small so if something doesn't work, it doesn't matter too much of you throw that bit away and start again.
I used lots of the really scrappy little pieces of paper which I'd saved from my other Bella Beauty projects too, so if you've been saving your scraps because the paper is too lovely to throw the little bits away, maybe this book will give you some ideas on how to use those scraps up!

That's all for today - I need to head off and wait for the Inspiration Fairy to give me an idea for tomorrow's DCM card - I hope she comes soon as time is running out lol

Thanks for looking -
btw if you'd like to let me know which "songs make you go ahhhh"
I'd love to hear from you

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crafty Templates April Kit

It's an "Embellish Buddies" month on Crafty Templates this time and subscribers will find jpgs as well as the usual pdf versions of Leo's fab templates.

Now, all of the Crafty Template Sets are wonderful, and great fun to use, but getting jpgs to play with is just the best!
You can resize to your hearts content to make shaped cards, or smaller embellishment-sized pictures, you can colour them in digitally or print out and colour the "real" way, or you can do as I've done with my Design Team set and convert for cutting out with Mr Robo.

Here's my first couple of cards:

The lovely papers I've used for these are in the Crafty Goodies Kit, also available from the Crafty Eemplates SHOP
Thanks for looking

Don't forget, there's a sketch challenge with a Blog Candy prize HERE

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Candy Anyone?

Happy Easter
I hope your Easter Day is a bit nicer than it is here, where we're into the third day of grotty wet weather. boohoo.

I thought I'd post a ltttle collage of the blog candy I've got on offer over on the Sketch File.

Its still a work-in-progress, but its nearly done and I'm having a fab time making it. As I've said here before I'm not as kind and generous as some - so if you want this little bit of candy you'll have to do more than just leave a message -to get your hands on this you need to make a card following THIS sketch and then leave a message to tell me where I can see it. Only then will your name go into my virtual hat. Check the Sketch File for more info.
You can also find the links for the cards already made using this and the other sketches.
If you use any of the sketches just leave a message and I'll add your link to the relevant list.

Right, I guess I'd better go and get on with making it then!

Thanks for dropping by, please leave a message to say you've called!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hidden Treasures

Its Daring Cardmakers day today and before I get onto our new dare, I'd like to wish one of our Team lots of Get Well Soon wishes. There won't be a card from our lovely Sue today because she's been in hospital having a knee op this week - hope you're on the mend really soon Sue, and all ready to start dancing again ;)

So, Hidden Treasures, or a bit of Hide and Seek is what we've got over on the Daring Cardmakers this week; we've been making cards with hidden bits that you don't spot straight away. It's Jozza's turn to set the challenge and the DT have come up with all manner of ways of hiding messages or other little extras which aren't immediately in view.

This is mine
I thought I try to make the main embellishment really look as though that was it, a flower on a background of patterned papers with a bow of pretty ribbon to adorn it. I think it might have worked a bit too well and I'll need to add a little tag saying "untie me" to that bow or the hidden bit might remain hidden!

If you undo the ribbon, here's what happens

And inside the tag, there's a message. This is the bit I'm not happy with (isn't there always something?....) I think it looks a bit messy - so I'll probably stick another layer of paper over that bit and do something else!

Some of the DT have shown a couple of pics of their cards on the blog this week, to show the hidden elements as well as the "first-look" card, I think that was way too kind of them and they should have left everyone wondering where the extras were. If you've laready been over to the DCM blog you'll know that I wasn't one of the Nice, Kind Ones. Oh no, not me!

Anyway, I hope you'll think this is a fun dare and intruiging enough for you to want to have a go at a bit of Hide & Seek yourself. I love having hidden messages on my cards, it's something I do quite often on commissioned cards in particular, and the girls have given me loads of new ideas this week. I'm hoping that all the Darers out in Craftland will be sharing even more fab ideas this week - don't forget to leave a message if you do - we do love to see what you make for our dares.

Back soon with my new Crafty Templates cards - the new template set is out soon and it's fab!
Have a great Friday

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Anniversary

On the Bubbly Funk emag "Bubbly Scrumptious" its my turn to add a project today.
I'm still having a great time using the April kit, which flew out of the shop as though jet-propelled! There are some of the Basic + Embellishments kits left, but the other combinations are sold out - you can see the kit combos HERE

This week I've made an Anniversary card. The papers and other bits included in the kit are just perfect for romantic themes, so as my Bro and Sil celebrate their anniversary later this month, I thought I'd use the occasion to use up some of the leftovers.

I've been eyeing up the front page that comes in the bag - the one that shows little pictures of what's inside the bag. Often the paper they use for these are a bit flimsy, but this one is nice and thick and definitely usable. You can see how I used that, and see the rest of the card HERE

I've decided what the blog candy prize will be for the sketch on my other blog and will post sneak peeks soon!

Thanks for visiting, I'll have more new things to share soon, so I hope you'll come back then