Monday, January 17, 2022

HAPPY card 1

No, don't panic, you've not slept through the week and its Friday already - it is actually me posting on a Monday and trying to get back to a couple of blog posts a week, at least while I have catching up to be done.
Back in September, Shabneez sent me a lovely birthday card made using a Crafters Companion HAPPY die set.  Obviously I had to buy it myself 🙄, but then it sat in the box as I got on with other things.
Then when it came to making a card for Shabneez's own birthday I couldn't resist using it!

The first die in the Crafters Companion HAPPY die set cuts your shaped base card and the second die cuts is used for the word on the top.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the first die cut through two layers of 280gsm card with only a couple of runs through my eBosser.
I used a Hunkydory pale pink card for the base layer and added a bit of Tonic Indian Gold Embellishment mousse around the edges.
Next I used pink and peach inks and Embellishment mousses over both sides of a sheet of thin smooth white card to use for the top layer of letters and for the flowers. I also cut a couple of layers of letters in my regular cardstock, gluing these on top of each other and finishing with the coloured layer of letters.
The sentiment piece was made using black and white sentiment and patterned pieces from my bag of bits - I never throw any of the bits I make away as they always come in handy eventually! 
Once this was in place I make the flowers and decide where they would look best.
For the flowers I used a couple of different Spellbinders flower die sets to make layered flowers in a few different sizes, plus a few leafy details in green and gold. Some of the flowers have pre-made stamens, some have die cut ones.
To finish I shaped a small punched circle to create a faux brad.
And then I realised that my love of going 'over the edge' meant the card wouldn't fit in a regular DL envelope.  Doh!! 
So I grabbed a sheet of 12x12 card and made one.  I would say that you live and learn, but I'm not sure I ever will do the 'learning' bit now!

I've another of these cards to share, but I'll save that for next time

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Or maybe I really am just talking to myself
 Happy Crafting, Stay Safe,


Jackie T said...

Hi Kathy this is a gorgeous birthday card. I love it. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Angelnorth said...

The shaped base looks fab as a foil for all the Kathy flowers - I’m sure Shabneez loved it!

Shabneez said...

Shabneez did love it - she is treasuring it! xxx