Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Playing Tag

I've been tagged by Jo
1. Do you have any middle names?
NO. Thank goodness - heaven only knows what I'd have ended up with. My first name is bad enough.
2. What's under your bed right now? We've got drawers under the bed filled with stuff like dovet covers, another with holiday stuff all ready for a quick getaway (I wish). I guess under that there's just dust!
3. Last time you laughed so much you cried?
Not so long ago - but why, I can't remember. Sometimes the mood just needs the smallest trigger and everyone is suddenly convulsed with the giggles. For some reason this often happens when my aunt and uncle are here........and they are visiting soon.
4. What age were you when you first drank Alcohol?
I come from a family of non-drinkers so I didn't really have much to do with alcohol till I was older. Even at college I didn't do the usual drunken student thing (that could be because I've never been one to conform, I'm just awkward!) Actually I don't think I've ever been drunk!!!!! tipsy, yes, but not drunk - I don't like to lose control
5. Porn Star Name (First pets name and name of your street - I've changed this one as everyone seems to agree it's not your mother's name!)?
Sparky Lytton - sounds more like a prize fighter :-)
6. What's your desk top photo on the PC?
It's one from last year's holiday in Santorini, Greece. (I'll post a pic when blogger is playing ball grrrr)
7. What did you have for breakfast?
OJ, yummy granary toast and coffee
8.Music or TV?
Depends. We usually watch something after dinner, usually something we videoed to watch when we feel like it (which is why we're still about 3 weeks behind with "Lost", I watch mindless afternoon tv when I'm doing the ironing. Music when I want to read etc, I also like to listen to stories etc on the radio - especially when I'm crafting.
9. Worst outfit you have ever worn?
Having read Jane's replies to this, I remembered the pale pink all-in-one that I had.......and also the hassles going to the loo when wearing it. I did have a penchant for really badly coloured socks - stripes of the worst combination of colours were a real favourite. 10 Where do you feel most at peace? Got to be when I'm by the sea. Preferably somewhere in Greece, sitting on a terrace or balcony looking out over the Aegean.
OK so I'll tag: Rachel, Kathy Pitt and the new bride Janine!

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Janine said...

Thanks Kathy lol...had a giggle at being tagged by you and Jane.....