Monday, October 30, 2006

Paula's Crafty Tag

Paula (mini book pixie) posted these questions on her blog, so I thought I'd take up the baton.

1) What technique would you consider to be your "trade mark" (what do you do most?)
I use beads quite a lot, usually tiny beads strung on gold or silver thread and added down the side of my cards, oh and I make cards with pockets on the front and then decorate tags to slip inside quite often too
2) Which technique(s) do you wish you could do/do better?
Like you (Paula), I wish I could draw, but there's also stamping, cutting out neatly and loads more things I'm useless at
3) What are your 4 favourite embellishments?
Brads, Ribbon, Eyelets, paper flowers
4) What are your 3 favourite gadgets?
Quickutz, mini xyron for fixing ribbons etc, pointy proddy thing for making holes
5a) What do you like to do but haven't done in a while?
Friendly Plastic
5b) And what have you done recently & forgot how much you enjoyed?
Shrink Plastic - I did a couple of cards for the last DCM Dare and that's the first time in about a year.

Right then, who shall I tag? I think I'll pass the baton along to Janine, Andrea, Rachel2 and Saffa


Janine said...

Thanks Kathy will give this a go tonight....

Frog said...

Ohhh thanks for that Kathy, ive done the best i can i hope. What do you think?

Andrea xx

Paula said...

Loved your answers, yes cutting out isn't a strong point of mine either. Or central positioning!!!
what is friendly it happier than shrink plastic because it hates me!!!lol...
thank you for the link & I look forward to seeing where your tag leads to. It is fascinating seeing what everyone loves/hates & frets over...
There's Lythan fretting over burnt fimo but hey not to worry she can chill with her harp!!!!! Does playing the stereo count!!

Anonymous said...

Paula - all you need to know is Friendly palstic is NOT friendly .... :/