Thursday, October 26, 2006


I "do" guilt really well - it's probably the thing I'm best at.

So I have to confess that my "to do" list of the last posting was only written when most of it was already done (red-faced smiley in here please!)

BUT, I have now also written and posted the letter that was on the list and finished the other things (except the scrapbook LO) too. And I can't do that because the book I'm making is going to be a Christmas gift for the visitors who are staying with us at the moment - hopefully that excuse will let me off the hook on that one!

However, the cards I need to make for an order are still...well, not even on the drawing board tbh. Please feel free to shout at me next week if I still haven't shown any cards for this order.


Paula said...

Well don't feel too guilty hun, you did do plenty.. & that sketch I mentioned that I'd found in one of your May posts. Well it was perfect & when you get five minutes breather pop along & take a look & see if I did you justice!!! There, you can polish your halo now... you helped a fellow crafter!

Saffa said...

Oh have done so well, I have a list as long as my arm I need to get done ASAP!!!!!!


Janine said...

get over the guilt Kathy life is too short lol at least you accomplished something.