Friday, April 15, 2011

Springs for Spring

We're celebrating the season over on the Daring Cardmakers this week and making cards with a Springtime or Easter theme.  For an added challenge we're suggesting you add some extra springiness or bounce to your card in some way - so a bit of a double-dare this time!
My plan was to make a wobble card which also had flowers on wire springs.  
Version 1 was a lovely yellow colour card with spring-green flower design open-weave ribbon over it - I made the whole thing then decided it was rubbish - so I pulled the flowers apart and made new ones for Version 2, which I also hated so saved the wire springs and threw the rest in the bin.
For Version 3 I ditched the wobble card idea, made flowers using my new Spellbinders die set in various spring colours plus the sentiment piece made from another of my new Spellbinders die sets.  Too many colours, it looked like a dog's breakfast.
The card I'm sharing is V4 and tbh it still looks a mess to me - but maybe that's because I'm sick to the back teeth of trying to make it work.  Also the photo is rubbish as it looks as though the pink flower doesn't match the pink on the card when in reality they were cut from the same sheet of paper - honest!

I stuck to pink and lilac in the end and ditched the Spellbinders flowers in favour of the MS Doily punch.  I think only the wire springs made it through to the finish!  
I've used:
All Papers: Funky Hand Rainbow Polka Dots download
All the following are from Creative Treasures:  
Long Pink headed pin, Tiny lilac glittery dots
Seam binding (2 shades of pink), 
White ruffled lace (its gorgeous, but doesn't show up too well in the photo, sorry).  
Tools: MS Doily punch, Spellbinders Parisian Motifs and Floral Doily Motifs Die sets

As you can probably tell from my tale of woe making this card, I'm still struggling to find my mojo and it's really disheartening  - well you all know about times like this, eh?  Anyway, today I'm going to try making something other than a card and see if that helps somehow.

Please check out the DCM blog for some stunning Spring and Easter cards - and if you visit the various personal blogs too you'll find loads more things to inspire.
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Rein said...

Beautiful card Kathy, love those flowers.

Anonymous said...

aaawww Kathy, you do sound fed up! The card is lovely and the photography is not rubbish! Doesn't look as thought your mojo has gone anywhere to me - the card is ingenious as always....x

Lynda said...

I've had a few weeks just like yours lately Kathy - just shuffling papers and getting nowhere fast. I think we're too hard on ourselves sometimes because the card isn't like the one we've imagined. Whether this one is what you wanted or not it's still very pretty and just full of springiness! Hope you have a better day crafting today.

Love Lynda xxx

Angelnorth said...

Awww, I've been having that kind of crafting week too! I could have opened a stationery shop with the stuff I ditched for one particular challenge (which will go undone this week!). I love the soft shades you've chosen and the ruffled up ribbon looks fab! Dare I venture a suggestion? I might have tried tucking the wires in behind the ribbon rather than the paper strip so the flowers still had movement but didn't stick up quite so far above the card fold. But then again, I might have tried it and decided Plan A was better all along! Hope today's crafting goes more smoothly!

tracy said...

your card is lovely-as always kathy,i don't think your mojo has gone too far :)
hugs for you coz you sound really fed up (you haven't been to the bistro have you LOL)

Gez said...

FAB card Kathy. I do love your flowers. I made some of these yesterday with where near as nice as yours my lovely.
Take care hun, xx

Traceyr said...

Loving the ruched ribbon and the pin Kathy. You would never know that you are having trouble with your mojo - this card is stunning as always. x


Karen said...

Awe, sending you a hug my lovely! I love your flowers on springs haha xxx

Paula-Scrap Addict said...

Super cute! I love that very first picture of the close-up of the flower. too adorable for words :-)

Anonymous said...

Kathy you are totally bonkers because your card is gorgeous!! I love the flowers and the ribbons and springs xx

Lythan said...

I think yuo are being hard on yourself - this card is amazing. The flowers are just so beautiful

Suzie said...

Kathy, what are you on about?! This card is lovely! I'm loving the ruching ...

Janice said...

Now I'm sure I recognise that 'template' Kathy. You have made a couple of cards like this before and it is just as lovely.

Kathy said...

I love this card!