Wednesday, April 06, 2011

First WOYWW in my New Craft Space

I thought it was about time I joined in with Julia's Wonderful What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday again - now that I'm starting to move my stash into it's new home - and as I've even started making something on my new desk!  
It's still very much a Work in Progress, so please forgive the mess - I've moved some stuff in over the last few days, but then I needed to make a Get Well card (the one half done on my craft desk) so decided I'd just bring over the stuff as I needed it and stick it in one of the holes!  I suspect there will be much "shuffling" before I'm properly settles in.
BTW I'm going to be kind and share some of these holes with hubby - maybe the ones right at the top so he has to go and get the ladders to reach them! hehehe
Our computer desks are side by side along one sidde of the room, this is mine.
 I'm busy making the words I need for my card ready to cut on my Craft Robo. In the photo I'm joining the letters together, after this I copy and paste them so that one version will stay as they are and I can select and modify the second version to make the mat.
Here is my craft desk - I had to wait until the sun had moved round to the side window before I could take a photo without loads of shadow on - it was way too bright this morning.  Eeven so, it's a rubbish photo, so I apologise for that.  On the card I'm making you can see the finished lettering that I was making earlier.
Finally, I thought I'd show you the big bank of shelving which is on the opposite wall to the pc desks.
Most of the space is still empty and I keep changing my mind about where the drawers and cupboards should go - most of them are still empty too!
Thank you for visiting today - I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back soon to see how I'm getting on with my Stash Shifting!
Check Julia's BLOG for lots more Craft Space links! 

 ps. Don't forget the DT call over on The Daring Cardmakers 


Karen said...

Lots of lovely storage space and a gorgeous area to craft in :) Great cards.
Have a lovely WOYWW,
Karen #107

Caroline Hallett said...

love your craft room - loads of space just waiting to be filled up with lovely stash. Thanks for Sharing and hope you have a happy WOYWW. Caroline (No 31 x)

Kath said...

Wow Kathy. That looks fabulous. It will be lovely working there I think. Your stash will eventually find it's own place to live!

Carol said...

wow Kathy thats some storage system...enjoy filling it!! lolxx

Traceyr said...

Kathy I want this space to be mine - I am so jealous :)

Have fun filling it up. Love the Craft robo lettering *fingers* that I will be creating some just like that over the Easter hols.


Helen said...

What a great space you are creating, lucky you!!

Janice said...

It look amazing Kathy. I am having the same difficulty deciding where to put things and keep moving them.

Kaz said...

Wow Kathy that looks amazing. It's well worth all the hassle and upheaval xx

Lynda said...

Now that is what I call a crafting space - it's fantastic Kathy.

Love Lynda xxx

lisa said...

Now you're just making us all envious, Kathy. I love the red walls!!
Your card looks like it's well on the way to completion and I love the idea of you and Hubby sitting side by side. I'm far to messy to share space, although we do try sometimes!!
Hugs Lisax

okienurse said...

awesome craft room Love all the storage you have available. Nice card you are working on. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #88

Kate said...

HOw fantastic having all those drawers and cupboards next to your desk. It looks like crafting heaven!

** kate **

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely Kathy - really like the colour of the walls and your storage is fab!

tee said...

Don't you just love the Ikea Units for organizing stash??? I have two 4x4 units and 2 2x4 units stacked on them...and they are now full lol. I love em!! I just recently painted my craftroom and rearranged the units and stash so far its working great!

SueH said...

Glad to see that you’re settling into your new space nicely now Kathy. Still can’t see where David is going to fit in though!

Happy Crafting

Di said...

What a super crafting space! I just bet you fill those shelves up in no time - enjoy! Di x #89