Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's a Gift!.....card wallet!

 As promised, here's how I made the Gift Card/cheque wallets.  I hope the instructions are ok and the pictures help (there are lots!).  I would love to know if you have a go at making one and of course photos would be fab.  If you use this tutorial, please be sure to let people know where you found it.

Card (Bazzill weight)
Selection of papers to match
String/embroidery floss/thin cord
Medium sized brad
Circle punches

1. Cut a piece of card 4 x 12”
2. Make folds at 4 and 8” on the long side.  Crease with a bone folder
3. Trim about 1-5cms off the right edge, then cut across the top of the same section at an angle, to give something like this:
 4. Cut a 4 x 12” piece of patterned paper.  Starting at the left edge (the one which hasn’t been trimmed) glue the paper around the card strip, section by section – make the folds as you go so that the paper moulds itself around the creases and you get a better finish.  You'll be left with a small margin of paper showing at the right side, this will form the tab and help make the pocket section more secure

5.  Whilst most of the paper protruding over the edges of the right flap is useful, but there’s a little piece you need to cut off – It’s easier to show than to describe in words, so use Picture 3 as a guide at this point. The white paper underneath is just there so that the shape  shows up more clearly

 6. Fold the triangular piece of patterned paper over to the inside and glue down.
7. Fold the small rectangular piece around (don’t glue it down though).  This forms the “hinge” of the pocket section.8. Fold the right side in and mark with a pencil where the edge comes to on the middle section.   Apply glue on this edge and also on front side of the paper of the little flap.
9. Burnish the glued edges with a bone folder and ensure they are sealed (you don't want the contents to fall out!)  The wallet is now ready to decorate.
 Obviously you can embellish however you like, and a simple ribbon tied round will do the job of sealing it all.
  However I thought I'd also add instructions on how to make an alternative closure as it's useful on all sorts of projects and, if you're making a gift card wallet for a male, ribbon might not be so appropriate!
1.  Cut a strip of paper about 2.5cms wide you can make it long enough to all the way around, or to stop part way across the back as I’ve done – I used a corner rounder on the end which will be at the back.  Ink the edges
 2. Cut a 4” length of paper to go down the side, use a border punch to decorate if desired.  Apply a narrow line of glue to the edge and stick in place, leaving the majority of this panel loose,
3. Decide on the position of the closure and tuck the end of the long paper strip under the edging panel – when you’re happy, glue the strip to the panel as shown in picture 1
4. When securely fixed, poke a hole through the two paper layers as in the picture – this hole is for the brad so make sure it’s big enough to take the prongs.

5. Punch and glue together 2 small card circles.  Punch and glue together two larger circles. Place the small one centrally on top of the large one and poke a hole through. 
6. Poke the brad through the hole in the small circle. Cut a length of thin string or thread long enough to wrap around the whole wallet about three times.  Put the two ends of the thread together and then put the prongs of the brad through the “loop” made at the central point, wind the thread around the brad a couple of times and then tie a knot to secure.  This makes a little shank between the two layers of card circles
7. Poke the ends of the brad through the large card circle, apply a spot of glue to the back of the large circle, then  poke the prongs through the hole you made in the wallet decorative pieces.  Adhere the circle to the panel, open the prongs and make sure that they are concealed by the paper strip/edging panel ensemble.  Now apply glue to stick the rest of the panel in place, and then adhere the paper strip around the wallet.
  8.  You should have the double length of thread hanging loose, so just tie a few knots at regular intervals to keep the pieces together.  To fasten the wallet, take the string across the front (right to left) then around the back and bring it back to the front at the right side (opening edge).  Wind the loose end of the string around the brad, under the small card circle.
That's it. all done, I hope you find this little project useful and I'll be looking forward to hearing how you get on with it.

Happy Crafting


Janice said...

Lovely, thanks for the tutorial.

Hazel said...

'Tis fab - I really must try and make one of these soon x

Kaz said...

Thats gorgeous Kathy and such easy to follow instructions - thanks xxx