Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tagged by Pearl

Pearl (Maisymary) tagged me! I have to tell you all 5- 10 ways I come up with things to put on my blog.

I started my blog - and would you believe I missed my poor little blog's first birthday amid all my excitement at hitting the 15000 visitor mark (and is it there YET Jeanne? I'm fit to burst here not being able to show my photos!) because it seemed like everyone else had one but me and I don't like to be lefet out, y'know!
It started out being what it said on the tin - everyday waffle and trivia, a sort of rambling diary type of thing. Then the Daring Cardmakers happened and I guess it's much more of a crafter's diary now, but with a bit of the waffle and trivia still getting in there.
So what do I think about when that blank message box opens up?

1. If I've made something, then it's easy - I take a photo, stick it on the blog and waffle about it

2. If we've been somewhere it's easy - I stick photos on the blog and waffle about them

3. If we've done something to the house/garden, or something is looking particularly gorgeous, or particularly grim, then
I take a photo, stick it on the blog and waffle about it

4. If something has made me happy/sad/cross etc, well, I just waffle about it - but no pictures.

5. If I have anything exciting in the offing, like a SECRET - which I have atm then I just sneak it on like in this tag message and leave it at that

6. If I've been tagged, well I answer the questions and pass on the baton - like now - Rosie, Jeanne, Lisa, Esther - consider yourselves tagged (evil sniggers.....)


Lisa said...

fanks Mrs B!

Tammy said...

I have enjoyed looking at your blog and can't wait to read it lots and lots more! You are sooooo creative and I LOVE your jewelry, I have a little girl and I have actually been "poking" around the beads and looking because I want to make her a few things....

*Jeanne* said...

thanks for the tag my "friend". lol

I will let you know when I finish my tag..

Gorgeous designs Kathy girl! WooHoo

Esther said...

Well I obviously do have too much time on my hands! I have managed to complete your tag!

Karva said...

The blog is

Rosie said...

Thanks Kathy - oh gawd blimey, what AM I going to say to your tag? Well you'll just have to go and see for yourself!!!! Mwahahaha! xx

Rosie said...

Kathy, just realised I hadn't added your blog to my fave places link in my blog. 'Tis now done though! x