Monday, July 03, 2006

Remember, remember

Where is everybody?
Is it too hot to blog?

Two of my challenges are still outstanding;
1. I need to hear which songs make you go aaaahhhhh (see Friday Waffle)

2. this is the current template challenge designed by Kate;
I've added the cards I've made so far using this template in a slide show


Jane said...

hiya Kathy ! I've taken up your challenge - my answers are on a postcard--opps I mean my blog.

Anita said...

I was going to do this song challenge but I have no songs that make me go ahhhh.... how sad!

Rachel said...

Hiya Kathy - sorry for my absence, have had a lot of recently and not been feeling my happy bouncy self - so keeping a low profile, but am still around - will have a think about the songs (although they may set me off blubbering hehe)