Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Art of Prevarication

So, another weekend been and gone. We spent most of the time going through all the stuff that we've dumped in the front room while we waited to get the loft ready to receive our junk. That excuse for not going through it has now gone, and the one from last weekend when it was "far too hot to sort the loft" sadly also ceased to be valid....
We put quite a lot of things up there then Hubby decided that my idea of getting some shelving up there was actually quite a good one after all, so off we went to Argos to buy some. We've chucked another load of stuff out, sorted other stuff into different boxes and got most of it put away now. Not the most exciting weekend, but it's quite satisfying to get it done. Unfortunately in the way these things work, clearing the room leads us to the next task - which is decorating!
The fireplace in there has been closed over at some point and we're toying with the idea of opening it up again - not for a fire, but just because it will look nicer and give a bit of extra space for some shelves or a little table. Thinking aobut doing that gives us some prevarication time if nothing else ;-)
I bought a wheelbarrow on Sunday. How exciting is that then? This takes away another excuse. This time the "I can't move all that soil and flatten the slope at the back of the garden if I don't have a wheelboarrow" excuse. Oh dear!
In between all that I watched the Wimbledon Men's Final on the pc while making a box for a Golden Wedding Anniversary card I have on order.

50 years of marriage is an amazing acheivement eh?
Our 13th anniversary is on the 31st of this month and I'm still trying to get my head around where the last 13 years have gone. It seems to have flown past, but then in that time we've been all the way round the world, visited many other countries, I've stopped teaching, Hubby's had loads of contracts in the City, Peterborough and Cambridge, we've had several cars, including a ferrari, we've sold our flat, bought a house, and now just bought another one, plus another one that we rent out, we've acquired 5 more nephews and 1 more niece to add to the neice and nephew who were at our wedding, and sadly my lovely, wonderful father and more recently my dear mum have both died. Life has a knack of giving with one hand and taking with the other.

I'll add photos of the card and box later - I'd love to hear what you think.

Going back to the Art of Prevarication, yesterday I spent ages cutting down and sticking 2 pizza boxes together to make a storage module (posh eh? ;-) ) for my ever increasing stash of 12x12 paper. Then I covered it all with some plain white paper and decorated the front of it with some scraps of Basic Grey's "Sublime" set that I'd kept "because they'll come in useful one day" - I'm far too mean to cover it all over when I'll only see the front once it's on the shelf!

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Janine said...

13years is fantastic in this day and age where fast and quick and easy seems the norm. Go you too on that accomplishment. I agree life as a funny way of balancing out ......Cyber hugs for you