Monday, May 08, 2006

Where do they go?

Weekends. that is?
I can't believe it's Monday morning again already. The washing machine has started it's working week but there's still a pile of ironing left over from last week, not good. I need to get organised. The weather is looking a bit grey too, great start to the week - not.
We had a really nice time with our visitors - the weather was great and we spent most of the time outside in the garden. On Friday we all went to the Living Crafts Exhibition at Hatfield House. I enjoyed browsing around among all the lovely things there. I don't think I saw anything really "new" but there was plenty to make my wallet twitch. Hints were dropped about some gorgeous folied glass bead jewellery, but I don't think much notice was taken to tell the truth.
My aunt and uncle headed off home mid-morning, my aunt said "I really love your new house" - I don't think she was too chuffed when we said we were moving as she loved the conservatory we'd built on the old one and this house doesn't have one, hehehe. I think the garden here makes up for it though with the squirrels and all the different birds we see.

It absolutely chucked it down all Saturday afternoon and evening so my gardening plans hit the dust. We decided to spend some time sorting out stuff - yes I know you should do that sort of thing before you move, but we didn't. We have boxes and boxes of photographs; hubby's never been able to throw any away (even the blurred ones) until now, but at last he's ready to be ruthless. I know it's seems only a little thing, but condensing the photo collection will make quite a difference! After the boxes come the albums.....

I managed to do some crafting yesterday. I have card orders to do, but instead of getting on with those I just played with my stuff. Never mind at least there are now a few new cards to go in the box that hubby keeps on his desk at work, it's ages since I replenished that and he's actually sold some recently. We're sharing a study at this house, it's quite a big room but I think he's quite worried about the way my crafty stuff multiplies. I think he'll kick me out of here if I don't keep it under control.

House-wise, we're still waiting to hear from the loft insulation people. Until we get that done, we can't board the loft, until the loft is boarded we can't put stuff up there, and until all that stuff is out of the way we can't reclaim and sort out the room where all that junk is stored......It's getting irritating now, can you tell?
Ok, this week is the week I MUST start getting some builder-type people in to look at the Hideous Bathroom. It's got masses of dark green tiles, some broken, a horrible corner bath with a broken side panel, and the shower, which up till Friday evening didn't actually work at all (hubby hit something with a hammer apparently) has a dodgy door which has allowed water to leak out and ruin the carpet!
It's a great big room and we want to divide it into two so we can have an ensuite to our bedroom and a "family" bathroom. Problem is, the house has been extended to the side as well as the back, the upper floor has a sloped roof to the side and the old external wall still runs through the middle of the rooms at the side of the house in parts as it's a supporting wall - I bet that makes no sense whatsoever, I'll see if it shows up on a photo! So it's not just a case of sticking in a plasterboard wall and putting new sinks etc in - that would be too easy, wouldn't it? I don't really know where to start or who to ask, a builder? an architect? bathroom specialist? And I think we're going to need another velux window along the side, which will mean going through the planning permission lark, won't it?
So that's why I've been putting it off and living with the horror that is the bathroom

Last weekend we painted the walls so they are white now which is a lot better, but still a long way to go!

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