Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thanks for the idea Jane!

Ok, I've just been catching up on NZ Jane's blog and she's telling us aobut some revolting breakfast tradition from New Zealand.

So that reminded me of conversations about bizarre sandwich fillings - they've got to be real, not something you've just decided would be weird - that would be way too easy..
I knewsomeone who's favourite sandwich filling was condesed milk, and someone else used to have sugar sandwiches.
Iused to like grated chocolate sandwiches (well I was only about 5 at the time) also, and I can hardly believe this myself, I used to eat salad cream sandwiches, sounds gross to me now, could I really have done that?

Over to you.


Jane said...

Syrup sandwiches !!! my mums speciality.....she said we needed the engery! ......and Jam was another....but I still use that now!

Rachel said...

I love salad cream and fish finger sandwiches - yum (infact if Id not just eaten cheese spread on toast, Id proberly have that for brekkie right now) Yum!

I remember chocolate spread sandwiches as a child - yuk, and vouched Id never give any child of mine that (so far Ive lived up to my word)

Syrup sandwiches are yum Jane - stick with those rather than mince on toast -eeeuuuuggghhhh