Saturday, May 13, 2006

buzz buzz buzz I wonder why they does

A couple of weeks ago we ordered a table lamp and another standard lamp to match one we already had (it's a weird thing but the lounge in the new house has no ceiling light fixings....). The new lamps duly arrived and the standard was fine, but the table lamp buzzed. Hubby tried it with different plugs, and in different sockets but it still buzzed. It even buzzed when it wasn't actually on. He rang the shop who rng the manufacturer "It can't buzz" said they "It does buzz" said we. We took it back, and the shop returned it and ordered another. Today we went to collect the new one, hubby got them to unpack it and try it out - the shop was a bit noisy, but he couldn't hear any buzzing. Got it home, plugged it in and guess what? It buzzes, of course it flippin' does.

Other housey stuff: bought new towel rail for the downstairs shower room and a new shower attachment for that one too. The current one is a "fixed" one which is like a booby trap just to turn on without getting soaked. And how do you clean a shower cubicle if you can't use the shower head to rinse it down? Aaah the worries and stresses of housewifelydom.
I've bought weed&feed stuff for the grass, and grass seed for the bit of garden that's been recalimed from trees and shrubby stuff but is currently a weed nursery.

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