Tuesday, June 28, 2022


A few weeks ago we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with our neighbours by way of a street party.  Obviously some kind of decoration for the house was needed!
I made two lots of bunting, one set it the platinum and purple colours and the second in red, white and blue.  I was a bit disappointed in the pack of papers I’d bought from an online craft shop so I found a couple of digital sets of Jubilee themed papers to download and also set about altering some of my own basic designs to use. Once resized, printed and cut to shape I laminated them (well, this is Britain and we do have ‘weather’) and strung them together 

I also decided to do something a bit different and have a go at making a wreath for our front door. 

 I don’t have a wreath base so had to start by making one. I just used sheets of card that I’d hoarded (as you do). I drew round plates to get the circles, cut them out with scissors and glued a few layers together. Once dried I cut 4cm wide strips of green paper and wound them around to cover the card wreath.

 I made enough roses from card and paper to fill the wreath.  I used several shades of red and purple plus some silver paper I bought in error a while back (good when things like that find a purpose) and used different dies and punches as well as making them in different sizes

Once I’d arranged and glued the roses down I hand cut leaf shapes from green card and tucked them under the petals to fill out the wreath.
Next I tied a few ribbon bows to add extra interest, made a rosette from wired ribbon and glued a silver ribbon bow to the centre. 
To complete the wreath I fixed some glittery diamanté ’tails’ to the bottom and made a silver card crown for the top. 

You can see my tutorial for making the roses here:
Thank you so much for coming by, hope you liked what you saw!

Thank you so much for coming by

 Happy Crafting, Stay Safe, 

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