Thursday, April 14, 2016

Parisian Progress

Sometime last summer I started making a mini album with the aim of  filling it with photos from our Paris holiday last March.  I got as far as making the binding section and the part of the cover which just goes around the spine - and then was diverted by other things
This week I've dug it out again, and have really knuckled down to making the 'pages' that go onto the bindings.
I wanted to make a mix of pocket pages, fold-out pages and whatever else came to mind or I spotted that I wanted to try.  Some are the full 6 x6" size and some are made from a 6x12" strip which then folds in 3 and has flaps and pockets.  If I stand it like a tent with the spine at the top you can get an idea of how random it is!
I've now started adding some papers and a few of the photos, but it might not be a quick process, as I don't have a plan of what to put where.  I think if I try to give it some organisation it will never get finished, so I reckon I'll just stick stuff in wherever it seems to work best and hope it all looks right in the end.
I'm going to hold off making the cover because that will probably be the bit I enjoy doing most - and by leaving it till later there's a chance I'll finish the rest of the book rather than just make the cover and stop.  If you knew how many books I've made, decorated and done a couple of pages in before getting bored or diverted, you will understand why I'm approaching this one in a slightly different way! There is method in my madness.
Watch this space, and feel free to nag if nothing seems to be happening for too long
Thanks for popping by


KarinsArtScrap said...

it looks already fabulous Kathy

gr karin

Linda Simpson said...

This looks fabulous Kathy!
Linda xxx

Angela Dodson said...

I'm very intrigued, love the book so far and will be following your progress :)

Lea Brawn said...

Looking good so far Kathy. I look forward to see the completed project x

Jackie Trinder said...

Hi Kathy this looks stunning so far. I am looking forward to seeing how you finish it off. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Dianne said...

Your book in progress is wonderful so far. Giving yourself time to finish it off as you go will keep it as fresh and interesting as it is now.

Laine said...

Such a great project Kathy!

Sylvia Ames said...

Wonderful project, fabulous idea. Looking forward to seeing how your book progresses.

Sylv xx