Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh Deery Me.....

This morning I stood at the window of the study to mark the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month - Armistice Day.  Being here on my own most of the time, I have to make a special effort to remember important times like this - so I set the alarm on my ipod touch to remind me to switch the radio on, then stood, watching the rain and thinking of those who gave their lives, and those who are still doing so today.
On visits to France we've occasionally visited the battlefields and war cemeteries there and I don't think I'll ever forgot the shock of seeing row upon row of crosses and the markers of those from non-Christian countries who also perished in the two world wars. It should be made compulsory for everyone to visit these places every few years - just to remind them about what war really means. 
The photo above shows just a tiny section of the cemetery at Verdun.

It does make a lot of stuff seem utterly trivial and inconsequential doesn't it? 
Like crafting and playing with paper for instance - but there you go.

I have plenty of crafting to keep me busy today with a deadline approaching at a fast pace....
The Cword card-making goes on, and here are three of the cards I made at the weekend - all variations on a theme, and all using last year's 6x6 collection from Websters Pages and the leaping deer die from the Spellbinders Fanciful Holiday set.
   Other stuff used:
MS border punch, gold card, Stickles (black, gold, red)
homemade rub-on decals

Right, back to that DT stuff.
Catch you all later, take care


Wipso said...

I've been to that cemetry and it will haunt me for ever. So many young lives lost.
A x

Anonymous said...

They say history repeats itself because we pay so little attention to it the first time round. Personally I don't think we pay any attention to it and certainly never learn from it when we should. My family were all coal miners and were spared the atrocities of war. My husbands Grandfather and Gt Uncle though, both served, one in the Army and one in the Navy. Both survived and we have their service medals too. One day I hope to make a nice shadow box and put the medals, old maps, photos etc, in there.

Love the Christmas cards too!


Karen said...

I have yet to go to one of the foreign war cemetaries but I always stop for a moment at any war graves that I see here. I agree Kathy...we should all go to visit these places at least once in our lives.

Now I looked at that die but that was all...very silly as you have made lovely cards with the reindeer! x

kelly said...

What a lovely and touching post! I have not had time to post today due to work commitments but did also pay my respects at 11 am today where like you looking out of the window at the terrible weather made it all to real! I will also be paying my respects this weekend at the memorial service at the military boarding school my children attend. It is nice to see others who to think about those who were lost during the terrible wars.

Oh love the cards too :)

SueH said...

Hi Kathy,
I too was here alone and stood in silence thinking of all of those that gave their lives.
I was also thinking of my dad and the fact his brother will posthumously and proudly wear dad’s medals on Sunday when he walks in the local parade on Sunday.

Loving the Christmas cards, those papers are gorgeous!


Hazel said...

Such a tragic loss of so many lives - I can remember seeing a cemetry abroad filled with rows and rows of such crosses. Thanks for your thoughtful post. I love the delicious C cards - think the top one is my fav x

Janice said...

Lovely cards Kathy. In the college today, even some of the rather dodgy students stood in silence, I think Afganistan has made Remembrance real to a whole different generation.

Cardmaking Galore said...

AWesome cards, KAthy!