Friday, October 08, 2010

Office Skills

Just when I thought I was getting a grip on everything it's all gone manic again.  Ah well better busy than bored.....haha
Friday lurches around again and that means a new challenge on the Daring Cardmakers' blog.  It's our lovely Rein's turn to set the dare and she's come up with the theme of "Office".  A great chance to raid the desk drawers and stationery cabinets for staples, paperclips, and all manner of office supplies.

I went to my drawer of "stuff that might be useful one day" - in there are pages from old books, playing cards, stamps and all sorts of other "stuff" that I can't bear to throw away just in case.....  I bet you've all got one!  A few years ago a forum friend had a clear out and sent bags of vintage bits and pieces out to all who wanted some - what a treat to find old book pages, buttons, lace, fabric and all sorts of other things - obviously all little treasures and far too nice to actually use on cards and projects - so into the drawer they went.!  Hunting through said drawer I found this page from an old typing manual which I thought could help with this card, I'm adding the page here too as a blog share for anyone who might want to copy it for their own projects - click on the image for the larger version.
The page gave me the idea of  trying for something evoking the old-fashioned secretarial image - the sort of office girls you see in those old 50's movies. Somehow those girls always looked so businesslike - but always feminine too - so I reckoned I could add a bit of lace into the mix (well, you have to take every opportunity, don't you?)
It looked better in my mind's eye than it turned out - but by then I didn't have time to pull it apart and re-do it - but you can't win 'em all.
I cropped and resized the lower section of the scanned page and printed it directly onto my card base, then cropped, resized and printed the photos at the top to use as embellishments. 
I used an image from google to make a Robo template for the old fashioned telephone (if you would like the template, email me at the address in the sidebar)
The vintage photo is from a sheet that came in an old Bubbly Funk kit.  The brackets on the definition are chipboard covered with black Enamel Accents (Charmed Cards and Crafts)
From the desk drawer I added staples, ring-reinforcements, parcel twine 
and one of those paper clip thing that probably have a proper name but I can't recall what it is!
I think what I don't like is the colour of the typing photos - so I might be able to get away with just tweaking the colour and printing them again - or printing them onto a creamier coloured card.
As usual the girls on the design team have made some wonderful cards using the Office as their theme, so please visit the DCM BLOG to see what they've been doing. We'd love you to join in and we always enjoy wandering around all the blog links that are left each week.
I'm off now to prepare the cards blanks and inserts,  and cut the other bits and pieces I need to make a set of invitation cards I've said I'll do.  Now, I've always shied away from such things as I'm so useless at doing two cards exactly the same - let alone a whole set!  So this should be interesting - I only need to make 15-20, so we'll see if I can cope, eh?  I'll let you know how I get on!
Thanks for popping by, I hope you'll visit again soon


Lythan said...

I think you are been hard on yourself Kathy - it has turned into a fun and quirky card :)

Linby said...

Fab card -thanks for the share, brings back memories of the "home"keys and typing lessons.

Karen said...

Yes...too critical of your own stuff again Kathy! This is gorgeous! OMG I learnt on one of those & probably from a book just like that one hehe.....of course my school was old fashioned!!!! Oh & its a little bulldog clip my lovely XXX

Angelnorth said...

Bulldo clip or "hinge clip" if you're being trendy, m'dear! Fab quirky card, I think it turned out great! Best of luck with the invitations.

airing cupboard crafts said...

Fab card Kathy. LOve the telephone x

Traceyr said...

Oh Kathy you did jog my memory. I used to use a book like that when I learn to touch type. What a tedious way to learn haha.

Great card. :)

Janice said...

Yes Kathy, this form of teaching typing was alive and well in the 1970s! The quick brown fox etc etc

Great card, brings back horrible memories lol!

Jo said...

I really like the card - the image is fab and the telephone is brilliant :)

jo x

Lynda said...

...and I remember the days too lol. It really is a fabulous card Kathy and full of nostalgia.

Love Lynda xxx

Keryn Campbell said...

Stop being so hard on yourself Kathy. Your dare card looks fabulous.

Jules said...

Wow Kathy - this is one fantastic make. Love what you have done here!!

Can you believe that those are the kind of typewriters I learned to touch type on at school!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Love Jules xx

Samm said...

Love the telephone, what a fab card x

Enfys said...

I agree with the others, you are MUCH too hard on yourself, this is just so much fun, and quirky too,
big hugs
En xx

Anonymous said...

I think it's fab! Those "stuff that might be useful" drawers (because one is rarely enough) actually do contain "stuff that might be useful" on the odd occasion don't they? LOL