Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Strikes Again

I seem to be having one of those times when I'm rushing around just trying to catch up - no chance of actually "keeping up", or heaven forbid that I actually "get ahead"!
So I've not added my WOYWW to the Mr Linky over on Julia's BLOG this week as I know there's absolutely no chance of me getting around even a fraction of the desks this week.
Still I thought I'd post my little bombsite of a desk as I left it last night.
Although I got that lot out yesterday, I didn't actually open an ink pad or stick two pieces of paper together - I did NUTHIN! All I managed was to sit there and rummage through stash and get a lot of stash out and fail to come up with an idea.  So I gave up and went downstairs to play with my ipod.  
Must have helped a bit because I sat down this morning and managed to make my card ready for Friday's DCM. Now, if only the mojo will stay around long enough for me to get hubby's anniversary card done.....

I finished the cover of the recipe book, so I'll pop that on here tomorrow - haven't finished typing up and making all the recipe cards yet though.

Seven years ago yesterday I lost my mum.  My adored dad had died very suddenly a few years before and now mum was gone too - tbh she'd never really got over losing him and was never really happy again after he'd gone.  We were coming to the end of our stay in Mauritius and about to head to Dubai for the last few days of our summer holiday when my brother phoned us with the news. it was such a shock.  I get a bit mixed up with the dates and times because of the time zone changes, but I think it had only been the day before that I'd called her and I'll always be glad that I rang that day because the last memory I have is a good one - of a happy voice at the other end of the "line", eager to hear about the things we were doing and the places we were seeing.

Miss you mum xxx


Kate said...

What a sweet blog entry Kathy. Have another hug of all that stash!

** Kate **

SDCrafts said...

As someone who is presently struggling to cope with late onset grief following death of my father late last year, I can totally empathise with the last part of your post, Kathy.

My Mum is still with us but the new family dynamics and unresolved memories are totally 'doing my head in', as the youngsters say!

So I keep crafting and waiting for my heart's actions to match my head's thoughts. Does that make any sense at all?

mckinkle said...

Oh I do know what it feels like, I dont remember the dates for my Mum either as it was all such a daze.

Good luck with hubby's anniversary card!

Keryn x

Kaz said...

Sending you a HUGE hug Kathy. I didn't realise the circumstances of you losing her, it must have been awful for you being so far away, but I'm glad you spoke to your mum the day before.
As for your bombsite - well it's a very colourful and pretty bombsite! xxx

Linda Elbourne said...

Darn ... I forgot to say ... you are right ... your desk is a bombsite *LOL*

Hazel said...

Love the bombsite! Glad you got the DCM card done today. Sending hugs x

Di said...

Sending you hugs Kathy. Thinking of you my lovely xx

Traceyr said...

x and a huge hug for you.

That desk Kathy though is a right old mess! I see it is now turning a corner and meeting you coming the other way! haha!

much love x


Jackie said...

Big hugs from me too Kathy x

If it's any consolation, my 'bomb site' makes yours look tidy :)

Anice said...

Sending you a big old hug today Kathy your post has left a little tear in my eye.
But, I have to say your craft desk is bomb site!! No worse than mine though I just get to leave it behind here in the office!!!
Anice xx

Caroline said...

Lovely busy desk Kathy!

Dolly said...

Aaah Kathy, I lost my Mum 5 years ago, sending you a big big hug.