Friday, March 02, 2007

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Tracie dared us this week with this brief:
"I looked at my cards last week and thought hmm they are ok but they are all very similar - white square card, double matted embellishment, printed greeting. Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with doing what you are good at, I bet we all have our "signature" ranges but I realised what a wealth of techniques and styles I wasnt trying. So this week I dare you to step outside your comfort zone and have a go at something new - be it something you have never tried, or something you havent done for ages."

Sometimes it's too easy to carry on making our cards using the same techniques and styles we are comfortable and content with, and be relatively sure that we will be happy with what we produce. So, it's good to shake ourselves out of the comfort zone every now and then, isn't it....well, maybe!

The girls on the DCM Design Team took this scary dare on board and created a variety of cards using techniques or items new to us, old ones we don't use any more and even some that frankly, we don't like much! And then the sting in the tail is that we have to show the results on the blog for the whole world to see!

A couple of months ago I bought some of the Prima paper packs - they are lovely to look at, but I've completely failed to figure out what to do with them. The patterns are much bolder and more "chintzy" than I usually use and so far I've only managed to use snippets of them. In the pack with the paper you get a sheet of frames and some rub-ons, which are something I've never used before.
The first attempt at a card for this dare was one using the paper and the rub-ons - Total and Utter Failure. The rub-ons went all over the place and the card went in the bin!
So, back to the drawing board and I ditched the paper - ok so I'm a coward.
I really did want to have a go with rub-ons though and on the sheet I noticed this lovely Rennie Mackintosh style one and an idea began to take shape.
There are actually quite a few steps out of my personal comfort zone on this card:
Stop using just white or cream card
For a few weeks now I've been trying to get out of my "white card comfort zone" and use more coloured stuff. The Stardream card from pda is one of my favourites and is hopefully a litle step towards using other kinds of coloured card. This one is stardream silver, but sadly, the finish doesn't really show well on a photo.
Do more stamping
Ok so it's only one tiny stamp, but I bought this one a few years ago and I love it - just haven't used it for a long time because I don't really stamp (well, I have been known to stamp my size 3 from time to time...). I don't find stamping easy and I find colouring the images even harder - somehow it always ends up looking like a 3 year old added the colour, whatever medium I use!
Use new stuff!

Rub-ons - I used two of the rub-ons here - they didn't stick easily to the card, probably because of the shiny finish because on my first attempt it was trying to stop them sticking that was the problem! Anyway - there are a few wobbles in the design because of it.
Twinkling H20's - I used a mix of inks and H20's to colour the stamped image. I bought them a few weeks ago and they've been sitting there still sealed in their packet ever since.
I'm useless at this - it's so scary to take up a pen and actually make a mark on your work, knowing that you're likely to muck the whole thing up with just one blob of ink! I stuck to a tiny swirl doodled under the rose - it's not beautiful, but at least I did it!

The rose I felt much more comfortable with, I just kept it simple with a little loop in the wire stem and a bit of a swirl at the bottom to echo the style of the rub-on design.

Don't forget to check the DCM blog to see all the different ways the Team moved out of their comfort zones, and then check their blogs to read more of the whys and wherefores - then we hope you'll be inspired to give our Dare a try and attack a few of your own personal cardmaking demons!


Maisymary's Findings said...

wow isnt the process something else Kathy ? Looking at the great finish on your card it's hard to imagine how much was out of your comfort zone ! lol

It's so striking the bold combination of red , black & silver ! Love your card !

I must say I'm not good with using the rub ons I keep acquiring either ! lol

Use new stuff ! I adore using new stuff ( it's like a justifcation for buying them !) I usually will want to make something quickly ( which is why I love cardmaking so much ! There's always something or someone to make for ! ) with what I buy before I lose interest in them or worse move on to the next latest & greatest !

still thinking of the many things to get out of the comfort zone ... !

smiles , Pearl

Lythan said...

Well your perseverance paid off Kathy it is a lovely card with lots t look at!

Frog said...

Yes a lovely card Kathy, the rose hads lovely colour.

Andrea xx

Rachel said...

Kathy its stunningly elegant, what a beautiful card - need I say more xx

Rainowgirl said...

Kathy - it's absolutely gorgeous - I love it. I think Rennie M is (was) fantastic and his inspiration has really worked for you in this card.


Paula said...

I so love Rennie M. It is totally not my style but Im forever drawn to it. i think it is because all the jewellery I see is silver & I don't wear it, it doesn't suit my skin.
I love the colours, I love the patterns & I so love your card, it would fantastic framed or added to a scrap page. I have searched everywhere for rub ons etc.. in this style as my free hand drawing is appaling!!!!

Saffa said...

Well I love this card! The rub-ons are exquisite! I am a big fan of rubbons although there are a few brands out there that just don't work for me.

You know even though its out of the zone-I would still say its a Kathy card!

Rosie said...

Love the simplicity that the colours provide on this card Kathy - VERY elegant. Also, I really love Rene Mackintosh designs. You should venture outside your comfort zone more often - it suits you!

Esther said...

Hiya Kathy, just reading an old blog you wrote about Maze books, do you still have a link for that? Did you want to do a maze circle journal thingy?
Let me know...

Leisa said...

I really loved this card Kathy as soon as I saw it on DCM - you obviously have a lot of talent no matter what products or techniques you are using!

manicstamper said...

Beautiful Kathy I really love it.

Sylvie :) said...

Very beautiful card !! I love the colors ! thanks for your visit on my blog :)

Jo said...

This is a beautiful card, Kathy :) I have not tried rub ons either, only those little letter ones that seem ok. You have done an awesomw job with a very scary dare this week :)

jo x

Gillian Hamilton said...

This is such a beautiful card Kathy... esp love that gorgeous big rub-on.. very yummy and it just looks amazing on this card...