Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cards, cards, cards

Just completed a couple of cards for an order, the first is an anniversary card. I've been waiting for the chance to use this pretty paper, and it worked perfectly with the colour of the plain stuff which I found lurking next to it in my box.. I bought these large velvety roses some time ago only to find they have a polystyrene core which is way too bulky to use on cards. Yesterday I chopped the back off one and found it worked really well - I just hope I put enough tape on the back to stop it falling to bits! It seems ages since I put any beads on a card so I reverted to one of my fave trims and made a bead string for this one. Tiny heart brads and a heart charm to finish.
I've been putting off doing this one because I knew it was going to be tricky. The brief was "can you make a card that says something like; To my brother Daniel on his first birthday from your big sister Katie?"

Now that's a lot of stuff to get on the front of the card! Finally came up with this idea last night and started to get the bits together - too tired really and of course mucked some up so had to start again this morning.

I've just realised I've not got a number 1 - only the single candle on the cake - on there, so will have to figure out how to stick one on somehow before it goes.

The card is cream hammered and the papers are from one of the MM Cosmopolitan pads, along with a bit of Bazzill here and there. The cake is a QK die, but I altered it as it was a bit too wide for the design.

I've also got a few more Christmas Cards done. Still enjoying my fake chipboard (ie a bit of pretty paper stuck on card from empty cereal packets) - this time went for the pink/lilac/grey sahdes from the other papermania pack - ok, I couldn't decide which to get so I got both....:-)

This time as well as the parcels I've made baubles with a Bosskutz die. These worked quite well for the DCM's Little Extra Challenge for this week which is cards on the theme, or using the word SPARKLE, To get the sparkle I used glitter glue (me and loose glitter hate each other vehemently...) and some diamond dot thingies.

And finally, another SPARKLE card, but a Little-Girly birthday card for a change from all those Christmas ones. A few round silver and pink heart gems, plus plenty of glitter card to add the sparkle.

Wand and tiara dies are QK as is the Katie alphabet


Bex said...

Crikey Kathy is there no stopping you! You have been busy

Fantastic as always x

Paula said...

WOW fabbydoo!!!! Those cards are gorgeous.Love the idea for the from your big sister card. My parcels never look like pressies when I try to make them, just heaps of shapes stuffed together!!!!!!!
And, what have you done to me, Miss Kathy!!!! You've made me dribble all over that American Papercrafts mag & me thinks that as I haven't bought myself a pressie for two years I deserve a subscription!!! I usually buy something for the flat on the anniversary of the day I moved in but two years running zilch... okay got a new sofa but that doesn't count, my old one gave me backache!
Honeslty the pictures just make your mouth water don't they & put our mags in the shade.
I hope santa brings you yours.

Janine said...

Wow wee Kathy you have been a busy bee. Love the birthday card, good thinking there Batman. The anniversary one is quite classic. However I am drooling over your xmas cards, I like thaty colour combo.....

Janine said...

Wow wee Kathy you have been a busy bee. Love the birthday card, good thinking there Batman. The anniversary one is quite classic. However I am drooling over your xmas cards, I like thaty colour combo.....

Anonymous said...

Wow! I manged ONE CARD and you have produced all this!! Glad we're not in competition - besides, I'd run out of gold glitter waaaay too early! It's amazing how far that stuff goes, isn't it? On your face, your clothes, the floor, the desk things, the 'puter, hubby, etc etc etc. Love tyhe anniversary card with the velvet and beads - love the present card for the little boy - so cute! and I might just have to find a cereal box to make some faux chipboard - those cards you made from that are just great!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for the 1st birthday card Kathy, it looks fab as do they all. You've been so busy! Wow! rhi x

Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Kathy,
Oh I love them all!!!! esp. the card for Daniel.. Oh that's devine.. You are so clever the Sparkle card is cute, my Georgia would love it..
Can I please add you to my link list on my blog?
TTFN Gillian :o)

Anonymous said...

Kathy - you have once again surpassed yourself. Absolutely fabbo cards - love them all.

severine said...

oh my god they are all gorgeous, I love the one with gift and beautiful papermania papers !!! I must make on order in UK to have those one !!!!