Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where are my parcels?

It's a filthy day. Howling winds and really squally showers - occasionally the sun peeps ouit then goes back into hiding - I don't really blame it - it's horrible out there. I know it's horrible because I've been having to go outside to rexcue my plants again. The big palm blew over again and managed to block the kitchen door - once I'd clambered out I got it upright and spent the next half hour rolling the pot to a (hopefully) more sheltered place, the pot is so heavy it's really difficult to move at all. Then I moved anything else that had blown over or was in danger of doing too. There's another broken pot out there, and one of the gates keeps opening itself and banging back and forward, and the bin is on it's back having blown down the step - it can flippin' well stay there too!

Last night I had a bit of a disaster. Hubby was at a meeting and I planned a nice early night with a magazine and a hot chocolate. I got into my PJs then went to make the hot choc. I steamed the milk with the cappuccino machine then poured it ito the glass Bodum beaker I like to use. So there I am stirring it all up nicely when suddenly a big hole (no warning crack, just a hole, mind!) appears about 1cm up from the bottom of the glass and me, the worktop, and the floor are covered in a yukky brown mess of chocolate milk! I just stood there like a lemon for a minute - couldn't believe what had happened! Oh what a mess. took me ages to clear it all up - you would not credit how much mess one mug of chocolate milk can make. So much for my nice relaxing early night! And don't anyone tell me I should have run to get the camera as it would make a good LO!!!!!!!!

I found some socks I'd forgotten I had and as I needed cheering up today I'm wearing them - thought you'd like to see.....

I'm disappointed by the lack of parcels arriving - or not as the case may be. I ordered stuff from a couple of places last week and I thought they'd be here by now - I've got used to the wonderful next day service most of the places I order from seem to manage , so waiting (and waiting) doesn't go down well.

I ordered ysome new dies from the Eillison sale last week - Thursday I think it was, I thought my stuff would be here by now....and then at the weekend I put my first order in to Banana Frog and that's not arrived either. ah well maybe tomorrow. I wonder how long these places usually take? I've never ordered from either before.
At least A Trip Down Memory Lane and Craft Obsessions didn't let me down :-):-):-):-)

Still waiting for my January SA Kit to arrive too, but Jenn says they had a problem with one of the products so they went out a bit later than usual. They all went out last Friday though so hopefully it'll arrive here soon - and it looks fab - not surprised it's sold out already.

OK I need to get on, I've a Get Well Soon card to do, and maybe some valentines cards to go in the box at Hubby's office. Also need to do something for the upcoming Scrapstars cyber crop. (I must not leave it till the last minute....I must not leave it till the last minute....I must not leave it till the last minute....I must not leave it till the last minute....)


Em said...

Aren't you supposed to drink the hot choclate rather than wear it? *wink*

Am dying to see my SA kit too - it really looks fabulous this month doesn't it?

The only bright side is though Kathy, at least we won't have to wait so long now til the next one!


H said...

Lovely socks Kathy :) :) :) :)

Sue said...

trust YOU to have your kit...I am waiting......