Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Little Extra Rubbish!

The Daring Cardmakers' Little Extras have started up again after a Christmas break. This week's challenge is to use something that you've saved from Christmas - or saved from the bin and use it on your card.
Jo's gone for some mince pie box chipboard and I've scavenged some bits of ribbon and a leaf from a box of chocs to make this card. Paper is from the Crate Paper "Birdie" pack.
Don't know about you folks but I always cast a beady eye around for little treasures to keep for future use - so I've got a nice haul of ribbon and beads from our Christmas Crackers - plus some really nice textured gold paper that the party hats were made from. I rescued some tags that were shapes covered with glitter and some other nice bits and pieces of ribbon too. I've not even started to go through the Christmas cards yet to salvage the interesting bits!
Just thought I'd share this little discovery with you - if you've got any lipstick dies like the QK one for instance, cut some from Christmas cards with nice shiny gold writing on, the swirls and shapes look like really posh lipstick holders, eye-shadow compacts etc!

So, please take a look at the DCM blog - we'd love it if you joined in with this week's main dare "Add some Bling!" and the Tuesday Little Extra too.


Em said...

Love the colours that you've used on this card Kathy, they are lovely.


Paula said...

I have only just seen this dare. I looked all day yesterday in the hope of one.
Went to bed at 9pm thugh as have had a few probs last few days with my TOTM, womens problems IYKWIM

Love this card I always buy things years before I actually use them. Then the day comes & I think, Oh that will do nicely.
I know just the bits I'm going to use but got a 7 hour day to put in first...its not fair!!!!

Kathy said...

I think "old" blogger was having some problems yesterday Paula - the LE did go live i the afternoon but the whole flipping blog disappeared for a while. We've now changed it to new blogger so fingers crossed all will be well....

Thanks Em! ;-)I've only just got round to acquiring some packs of Crate Papers so I'm trying them out....

Jo said...

Beautiful card, kathy and so much more imaginative than just using a bit of old mince pie box lol :)

jo xx

Maisymary's Findings said...

The colours are just gorgeous here , Kathy !

Crate papers are really something I havent acquired ! lol

& yes anytime you feel a little tinge of envy of anyone's stash - hey hey you know what to do ! Get a swap going ! You just have to ask - you never know !

ttfn, Pearl

Kathy said...

You know, the more I look at this, the more I think that ribbon looks wrong. I think I'll take it off and use a longer piece

Paula said...

The card is just fine & gorgeous as it is!!!

I have got no end of bits salvaged from gifts given such as tags, ribbon & pretty bits (a bow with chanel on from my fav perfume) but can't get a creative idea going to use them!!!
And the answer to the size of binned pretty paper is,
if no tiny flower/circle/snowflake punch can get a shape out of it!!!!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Kathy I love this one... Your design is just brilliant and those papers are gorgeous...Way to go on the recycling front :o)