Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Little Bit of Prevarication....

....going on in the Waffle Corner.

You know how it is.
I maintain I'm not wasting time or putting off the cardmaking or scrapbooking or whatever. No, what "sorting my stuff" actually means is that my mind is away planning and working out how the next project will look and what I need to do to make it work, whilst my hands are busily going through, tidying up and redistributing all the bits and bobs.
So, today I've sorted all the ribbons I've acquired lately - somehow (and I know not how....)they've sort of outgrown the ribbon drawer so in order for them to invade another drawer I had to find a new home for my punches. This is how prevarication works - one job leads to another and before you know it hours have past and all your stuff is on the floor.
Well, for the time being the punches have gone in a couple of the cardboard boxes my SA Kits arrive in and are stacked behind the desk. The punches I use most are still in the drawer for now, they can share with the ribbon for now and help keep the ribbon cards standing up, can't they? See? loads of room for more ribbons now.
Then I went through the last few month's worth of SA Kits and made filing cards for them (I like to keep all that month's papers etc together) as I'd run out - probably why they've all just been lying in a heap lately. I took the ribbons and flowers out and put them in the right places. One day, I'll put images of each month's stamps on those filing cards then I'll know what I've actually got. That's a good idea, and one which will be another bit of prevarication, hmmmm And of course there's still the new fibres to be found space for....

All this means that I've no new crafting to show on here as the only thing I've done so far this week is something I can't let you see yet! Great eh?


Janine said...

looking very organised there Kathy. It must be in the air because I have just been doing the same thing over the last few days. Decluttering and reogranising my scrapping supplies.

Susan said...

Thanks for showing us a way to store ribbon, Kathy! Mine is all wound around any spare paper rolls I can find - toilet rolls, foil inserts, hand towel rolls - and they all seem to get in the way, get mixed up and just be hard to handle. Now I have another way to do this after seeing what you have done - how wonderful!! You have accomplished a LOT in my book.

I know what you mean though about getting stuck into one job which leads to another ad infinitum. I resort to the Flylady idea of using a timer and concentrating on one job at a time for 15 minutes, whenever I get side tracked. Works for me! :-D

Paula said...

I'm impressed. You can't craft properly if you don't know what you got! So spending a littel time sorting through it all, & lovingly stroking it, you will then be inspired to create!!
I tried it, it works Miss Kathy, honest.

Maisymary's Findings said...

i love Paula's expression of stroking our stash lovingly ! lol yes this is making me think og putting in some minimum effort in organising stuff too !

nice to see a rainbow of ribbon in there Kathy ! yums!

xo, Pearl

LisaBabe said...

Wow, so tidy Kathy. Love the new layout.