Saturday, January 20, 2007

Toast, coffee and a parcel of goodies

What could be better than a Saturday morning lie-in, then toast and coffee sitting in bed opening a nice nox of crafty goodies.

Today my order from Banana Frog arrived - some lovely new papers - they stock some that you don't come across every day so definitely worth a look if you're after something different to inspire you, and one of their gorgeous sets of stamps which I hope are going to kick me into "have-a-go" mode with stamping, it's been a while since I did anything with an inkpad other than ink the edges of some paper. Even Keryn's "Stamping with a Twist" dare didn't make me delve far into the stamping stuff drawer.

Anyway, it was tough to decide which set to go for as they all look great so I plumped for one of the scribbled flowers sets - I'll let you know how I get on....

Thank you Bev for sorting out the problem with the order and fro tracking down the parcel at the PO - that's what I call service!

Been for one of our Saturday pub lunch jaunts today, we went to the Hare & Hounds in Old Warden, Bedfordshire. Old Warden is where you'll find Shuttleworth Park, with it's famous collection of old aircraft - there's also the beautiful Swiss Gardens and a falconry centre in the grounds of Shuttleworth House, which is now some sort of agricultural coleege I think. The village is full of "chocolate box" cottages and worth a nosey around if you're ever in the area. The pub is lovely, it's all non-smoking and the food is really good - although today there was too much fishy stuff on the menu for my taste so I had locally made sausages which were pretty good - so good that I couldn't face ordering the intrguingly named "Dark Chocolate Nemesis" I'd spotted on the puds menu. ah well....

Called in at an archery "shop" which recently opened as Hubby wanted some new arrows. It was "only a quick visit, I won't lookt at all the things I want, just the ones I need straight away..." Lucky I took a book (which I finished) and a magazine then, as the quick visit lasted an hour.

Now I'm on my own as he's gone off out to help with the beginners course at his archery club and then they have their proper club night straigh after. If you're interested, this is the link for Hubby's archery club, Kestrels they shoot indoors during the winter at a hall in Sandy then return to Biggleswade for the outdoor season. That's their plug for the year, check the iste out - it's one that hubby built and maintains, so that's a plug for him too.

Gosh I should be charging for all this free publicity :-):-):-)


Paula said...

I spent hours drooliong over on the banana frog site & couldn't make my mind up what to buy!
truth I want all the new Cherryarte, & the coffe bean selection of the old!!!
I'm getting excited now as my new american papercraft mag should be due soon.. You know, the one you twisted my arm into buying!!!!

Lynne.x said...

Just placed an order with Banana Frog - can't remember what now though ... that has got to be a bad sign.

Kathy starting with a 'W' had me a bit confused for a bit - but then the penny dropped ..... ***Blush***
Thanks for the lovely comments Wathy .... ;D