Wednesday, February 03, 2010


It's Wednesday and that means it's time to share the way our work desks are looking atm.  
For me it's also AWUMP day.   Ha! see if you can work that one out hehehe

OK so here's my desk this morning.  I keep getting those recently acquired tubes of lovely Artful flowers down from their hook to admire.  At the moment they are there to check which ones match my WiP (Work in Progress) - I think they'll be fine and plan to use several.  If I can tame the "not for using, only for stroking" feeling. 
The tall soda-stream-lppking object is actuall a daylight lamp, for those that have asked
The acetate-like page on the right is the latest page of "rub on" greetings I've made, now all ready to cut, peel and stick.  If you look closely in the top right corner of the pic you can see the remnants of other pages hanging on their hook.
Today there's also an assortment of glues visible - Power Pritt (I buy it in bulk as I use it loads), one of the pots with yellow lids contains bookbinding glue, the other is an empty BBG pot that I decant regular PVA into from a much bigger pot.  And of course there's the ever present Glossy Accents.
Susie, I don't think there's a punch to be seen today!
Centre of picture is the project I'm working on atm and maybe if I actually stop AWUMP - ing I might even be able to get on with it.

Here's another card made using the February sketch on  Sketch File BLOG
I'm not sure why but I'm not happy with this one.  I think maybe the lower piece is too wide and knocks the balance out a bit.

If you like to see what other crafters are up to, or maybe need a bit of inspiration for organising (or disorganising) your own craft space, then head over to Julia's blog to see all the links for those sharing their workdesks today.  There's a big WOYWW link in the sidebar on the right - click there to be "teleported" straight over there, but please don't leave here without leaving a message.

If I stop AWUM-ing I'll be heading over there to check out the links myself. Catch you all soon, I hope


Julia Dunnit said...

As you know, I love a home made acronym..I love the sound of this one, but cannot decode it at all! But, as I'm about to rip myself away from this machine and try to get something done, is it along those lines...I'll be thinking about it while I hoover and generally behave like a woman on a mission! I really like the look of your Wip..

Wipso said...

I'm chuckling at your blog today. I have so many things I can't use because if I do I wont have them to look at and enjoy :-)
I love your workspace. There is always so much lovely stash to rummage through.
A x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

nice pic :) Fabulous Card :)

Hazel said...

I've wondering what your AWUMP stands for - perhaps the P is for procrastinating? As for the gorgeous flowers - simple - open up the packs, use some and then buy more to drool over x

Karen said...

I always enjoy seeing your desk Kathy! Intrigued by the WIP so happy AWUMPing my lovely XXX

nutka1911 said...

Absolutelly perfect work Kathy.
Have a nice day :)

Crafty Chris said...

You have a lovely organised desk not a lot of mess there love the card, Christine x

Rosie said...

Oh phew, I'm not the only tidy worker, but I think there might be just the two of us ... had a lovely nosey around your desk!

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Kathy what a meanie you are hiding all your punches from me !! Lol
I love those flowers I have 3 tubes myself and you have inspired me to open them today... they were of course only for lookng at and stroking until now !! lol
Your card is adorable, and I love those papers.
See you at my place later, if you got time give us a shout and I put the kettle on !! lol
Hugs Susie xx

Kaz said...

Well the P is definately procrastinating, but I'm stumped for the AWUM!!

I've sat and looked at your WIP, but have no idea what it is.

I like the cardm myself, and I have been working on your sketch too. xx

Lynda said...

Hi Kathy - IOWWGOIYH! lol

Lynda xxx

Paula Gale said...

I feel like i've visited a craft version of the da vinci code!!! Please let us know what AWUMPing - is it A Woman Under More Pressure or A Workdesk Under Masses of Paper??? - I give up. Whatever it is, you have a very productive desk.

I've beaten the flowers for looking at not for using stage by buying white or cream only then colouring with promarkers to match my project, it gets boring staring at plain ones so more inclined to use and you can make them so lovely with glossy accents and glass beads in the middle.... Just an idea as a bit of therapy for you?!?!?!

Paula x x x

Sam said...

AWUMP!?? You've got us all thoroughly confused! Could it be A Wednesday Under Much Pressure; or perhaps A Washing Up My Plates day!??? ha ha!! You're gonna have to tell us!

Angelnorth said...

The P is procrastinating, for sure - what else could a home-grown Kathy acronym have for a "p"? I'm sure you'll spill the rest when you show us the project!

Scrappelise said...

I love your cards, you know how to mix different colours and it looks great! :-)

airing cupboard crafts said...

Your wip looks beautiful I can't wait to see it completed. I love the card too.

Creative Treasures said...

Lovely card Kathy, i love that lace on the flower, im also stumped as to what a AWUMP could mean :), ive put a card in the sketch file :)


butlersabroad said...

Great desk as usual, you're a very creative individual! Like Paula, I often colour white or cream flowers to match, it's a great idea. Lovely card too.