Monday, February 01, 2010

A "Not-so-New-Year" Resolution

For the last year or so I've been posting any LO sketches I make to my other blog "The Sketch File" in a very haphazard fashion.
Now I've decided to get more organised about it and post a new sketch on the first day of each month - hopefully having a routine will help me remember to add a new card plan and also knowing when something new is due will mean more people will take the chance to use them.
It probably won't stop me posting the occasional "bonus" mid month sketch, but at least there'll be a bit more structure in place from now on.
A bit late for "New Year's" so I'll call it an "Early in the Year resolution", I think! ;-)

You'll have to pop over to The Sketch File to see the sketch, but here are a couple of peeks at cards I've made using the February sketch.  Full pics over on the other blog too ;-)

This past weekend was the RSPB's Great Garden Bird Watch, so we spent an hour at one of the upstairs windows watching for feathered visitors to our garden. We're definitely not great at recognising birds, but we get many more types in this garden that at our last house, so we're trying to encourage even more to visit by keeping the various bird feeders topped up.  Hubby had the camera, complete with giant lens primed to take photos of  yesterday's caller, here a few of them - you can click for a bigger view
We filled that feeder right to the brim on Saturday afternoon - this was taken at about 10.30 on Sunday morning - they must have been peckish.

There were loads more, but don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with any more.

It's freezing cold out there - so try and stay warm!


Scrappy~Sarah said...

lovely work....the bird photos are stunning :) They usually fly off if I try to snap them

lisa said...

What a lot of bird visitors you get Kathy. We used to get lots but I think our cats frighten them off now, even though they don't take a lot of notice of them. Your photos are lovely.
Your card sketches sound wonderful, I struggle so much with putting cards together I shall be collecting them each month with enthusiam!!
It's freezing here too. Stay Warm!


Traceyr said...

Lovely bird photos Kathy.

The cards are gorgeous too.


Caroline said...

Love the photos of the birds, you've caught some really lovely pics there...x

Julia Dunnit said...

I've managed to miss your sketches blog..huh? Head in bucket syndrome! How great of you to share all your lovely ideas.

Hazel said...

Thanks for sharing such beautifully stunning photos x