Thursday, February 18, 2010

Late WOYWW and Sam Plank's Disco

I'm late again with my "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" shots,  but I'm hoping Ms Dunnit won't be too strict - I've not touched it since yesterday so I think I can get away with it....
Two photos to make up for my tardiness.
The big tatty old bookcase to the right of my desk holds all my paper boxes, various files and folders that tbh I hardly look at, the bottom shelf that you can't see has boxes of coloured A4 card,  the box of 12x12 card stands between the shredder and some horrible plastic drawers I use for the overspill ribbons, stamps and inkpads etc - the purple boxes you can just see a corner of are on top of those.  On the top shelf are a few finished circle journals and mini books, plus all my beading stuff

This is my desk this morning.  Several projects on the go and I'm starting to get a bit panicky about finishing them on time.  This set of horrible plastic drawers has a box of "stuff" including border punches on the top, then the drawers contain, from the top: more flowers, chipboard shapes, ribbon scraps, punches

This week on Bubbly Scrumptious I've made another page for my Word Book. 
This time you'll find me in San Francisco -I can never say the name without thinking about the joke that ends up with the angel singing to St Peter "I left my harp in Sam Plan's Disco", hence the post title.

You can see more photos and whatever by visiting Bubbly Scrumptious, where you'll find more crafty projects and ideas than you can shake a stick at.

Right, I MUST finish my Hubby's birthday card and I've still got my DCM card for tomorrow to move from drawing board to paper and card.
I'm really sorry that I've not been doing much blog visiting lately, I will catch up with everyone soon, I promise

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tracy said...

i love your work space kathy :) sometimes i wish i didn't have my desk under a window so that i could have shelves infront of me........but then if i did i wouldn't be able to watch the birds:) then again i might get more crafting done LOL

Wipso said...

I love all your storage solutions. Bet you know just where to look for everything :-)
A x

Karen said...

I would love shelves in front of me too, then I could just reach up instead of swiveling!!!! I-Spy some of those gorgeous papers from SEI again too!

Thank you for the nosey Kathy XXX

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Kathy
Fantastic workspace I thought I was looking at a shop, I would love a good old rummage round your crafty place, thats a great page you are working on so colourful.
Chris x

Julia Dunnit said...

Ya see, it seems only to be you that sees a tatty book case. I see treasure and inspiration and colour. Hope the deadlines aren't getting to ya!

Anonymous said...

That's a serious amount of paper you've got there. I keep wanting to show my hubby some of these craft spaces to make him realise that I've got such a long way to go! Problem is, I think he'd have me committed now if I did that!


Janice said...

You have so much stuff Kathy, you need to give some to meeeeeee! Love to see your desk each week.

Angelnorth said...

Nice to see a busy-looking workspace again!

Sam said...

wow what a fab looking craft room - I don't know where to begin looking although I do know that I want to come and play!!

Traceyr said...

Lots of lovely gorgeness there again Kathy. I need to hear the rest of that joke please. :)