Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh Please let the Winter stop now!

Bah humbug!
Woke up, looked out of the window and Noooooooooooo.  Another overnight snowfall, though thankfully it's already gone from the roads and paths and it's just on the grass.  Now look here, I'm really thoroughly sick of this Winter now and I want it to be over.
I'm hoping that Rein's dare this week for the Daring Cardmakers will be enough to make all the Winter Weather say "Goodbye" and let some Spring days start to happen.

So, this week we have a "celebration" - if that's the right word of all things Winter.

Winter will, hopefully, soon be gone here in Europe and for those "Down Under" It's on it's way, so for my dare I'd like to see lots of
Winter Birthday Cards
Perhaps cards with snowdrops on them, or ice skates, snowflakes, or how about using the Olympic Games currently happening in Vancouver as inspiration for your cards this week? 

As long as it's a birthday card with a Winter theme, we'd love to see it!

A few weeks ago we had a "School days" theme and I made a card for my cousin's little boy who'll be 4 next week - I did intend to use it as his birthday card, but I'm going to keep it for when he starts school. As he's a February baby I thought Rein's dare for a Winter themed birthday card would suit perfectly so I made him this penguin card

I'm quite pleased at the way this turned out and it really didn't take too long either. 
The two penguins and the cake are all Robo cut.  Making the templates probably took the longest, but once they're made you've got them always on file to use again.
I used a couple of free colouring page images to make the penguin templates. Now I've got the hang of using Paint Shop Pro to make all the layers - you need to think about which bits go on top of which then paint out the bits you don't need for each of the layers - it sounds complicated but is simple once you've done it a few times.
The birthday cake is another of Leo's Crafty Templates for this month.  I've had to resize it to use on this card, but it's such a fab design, I know I'll use it again.
A bit of inking and all matted on some ice blue card before adding to the white card blank
No ribbons, no brads and no patterned paper - what IS the world coming to?! hehehe

There ar some truly beautiful cards on the DCM BLOG this week, the delicacy of some of the designs make mine look like"a bull in a china shop" - but if there's one thing you can depend on the DCM for it's variety - anything goes for us, whatever your style!  Please join in this week and let's say "Thank you, and Goodbye" to Winter - you never know, if we all do that it might actually go and leave us in peace!

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Scrappy~Sarah said...

what a fun card :) tfs

Gez said...

Gorgeous Kathy. Have a fab weekend. Hugs.xx

Rein said...

Love your card Kathy!

Lynda said...

I love this Kathy - those Penguins are fab!

Love Lynda xxx

Lythan said...

its not bull in a china shop - its just perfect! So much fun and a clever take on the dare too

Wipso said...

Love the card Kathy. Like you we woke to yet more snow this morning and I too have seen more than enough of it. Roll on sunny days eh?
A x

Scatz said...

Super fun card Kathy! What would we do without PSP and Robo?

Karen said...

Love those penguins Kathy...brilliant card for a 4yr old XXX

tracy said...

great card kathy :) you do really well with your robo:)

Janice said...

Lovely card Kathy, I love penguins.

Angelnorth said...

Fab penguin cards, hope they don't slip and drop that cake! Sure Sam will get a smile out of this!

Traceyr said...

Great card Kathy but I feel like I need a cup of tea and a Penguin biscuit hahaha.

ppppick up a penguin. :)

lisa said...

We missed all the snow this time, Kathy and it's been lovely and sunny for the last couple of days but very cold. I agree with you though, this Winter has gone on long enough.
Your card is great, I love the penguins.