Thursday, February 04, 2010


My name is Kathy and I am a Numpty!

I thought I'd check up on blog comments on my iPod Touch while having my breakfast this morning.  Ooooh six new comments since I last looked - I went to publish them and I really, really should have zoomed in a bit more because what happened?  I managed to press the "reject" instead of the "publish" boohooboohoo, I've lost all those lovely messages and I don't think I can remember all the people who left them to go and apologise.  What a Noodle I am.

Centre stage on my desk yesterday for the WOYWW craft desk web wander was my project for today's Bubbly Scrumptious emag.  BubScrump as it's affectionately called is the BLOG for the Bubbly Funk online shop and I'm one of those lucky enough to be on the Design Team for the monthly kits.
This month's kit has just been released and there's an exciting opportunity to buy a customised word book this month - choose a word of up to 7 letters and Caroline will arrange to have a chipboard word book made especially for you and already to decorate.  

This week though I'm using papers from the "Word Book" Kit and the "Violette Wings" kit  for my project - I'll get to my word book later. Shall I tell you what word I've chosen for my book?
No....I don't think so. hahaha
Anyway here's a closer look at the "thing" that was on my desk yesterday.

Nope, not an exploding box - or a box of any sort, though I can see why some people thought it might be.
Maybe this next picture will give more of a clue as to what it really is
Yes. you've got it, if you tuck all those bits of card in correctly it gets to look less like a box (or a jumble of different sized bits of card), and what you end up with is this rather nifty 6x6" album, there are different sized square and rectangular pages and even a couple of hidden pockets in there just waiting to be filled up.
I know it doesn't look very exciting yet, but hopefully once I've decorated the cover and filled it up with pictures and whatever else I decide to use it for it will look more inviting.
So, over on BubScrump today, you'll find the instructions on how to make the basic album, I hope you'll go and take a look and maybe even have a go - trust me, it's not nearly as complicated to make as it looks when all those pages are let loose!

Please let me know what you think - and if you leave a comment I'll try my very, very bestest not to press the wrong button this time!:-)


Wipso said...

Ooer I love the design and cant wait to see how you finish it.
A x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

A stunner of a make :) I hope to be able to follow your instructuions soon :)

lisa said...

Hi Kathy. Sounds like something I'd do!!!
I love your book, those papers are gorgeous. I bet you'll have a great time fillig it. Thanks for the instructions, I may give this a go.


Kaz said...

Fab project Kathy but you are a narna!! xx

Julia Dunnit said...

I've done the same - it's always an important comment too, one that contributes an opposing view and I worry that they'll think I did it on purpose!
Love the was the papers that aught my eye yesterday, but the clever fold up of this is really appealing.

Hazel said...

I was wondering yesterday what that was - thanks for showing - the papers look delicious. What a numpty with the phone (just the kind of thing I might have done) x

Creative Treasures said...

Such a fab project Kathy, those papers are gorgeous. That's so annoying when things like that happen, it would also be the kind of thing i would do :)


Angelnorth said...

Ah you see - this is why I have a mobile phone that makes phone calls and does texts. That's it. No camera, no internet, no temptation to be a numpty over breakfast :haha: The book looks great, does it come with instructions so the recipient can get all the pages to go back in if you give it as a gift?!

Janice said...

Great project Kathy, as usual. Be good to see how you decorate it.

Beadyjan said...

It looks great so far