Monday, February 15, 2010

February Crafty Templates

You're probably sick of hearing me saying how long my "to-do" list has been by now.  At the end of last week I thought I'd cracked it.  I sent off the photos of my cards to Leo for the new Crafty Templates release - albeit a teeny weeny bit late (sorry Leo) and my list was all done.
"HA!"  said the voice in my head  "Think you're all done do you?  Well you can stop with the smugness.  Just you sit down and start making a to-do list for the next couple of weeks and then see how smug you feel...."

Hmmmm so that'll be another very busy week for me, then!

Anyway, back to Crafty Templates
I do like butterflies, but I struggle to use them on cards - don't ask me why, I have no idea why it should be that way.  Anyway, one of this month's templates has different sizes and shapes of butterflies and I thought I'd try and conquer the problem and make a butterfly card.

 I used the three different shapes, cut each twice and left the wings unstuck so that they stand away from the base card.

 While making the first card I realised that those butterflies would look lovely peeping through an aperture, so I made another card, using a Nesties die to cut the aperture

I'll show another of my Crafty Templates cards next time.  This month I've been using my own stash with the templates (well, I do need to slash the stash a bit!), but as usual Leo has put together a delicious Crafty Goodies Kit which is available as an "add-on".  To find out all about the Templates and the Goodies by clicking HERE

I mentioned on Friday's post the elephants I wanted to add to the Valentine's card I made for Hubby and why.
Here's what the inside ended up looking like - I just adore these tiny heffalumps - aren't they cute?!  I made this Robo template a while back and used it to cut 5 tiny elephants - they each measure just over 2cms wide, the hearts were cut using a  tiny punch.

 Right, I can't put it off any longer, I really do need to attack that new to-do list!
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Scrappy~Sarah said...

Beautiful butterfly cards :) And those elephants are soooo cute I love them :)

tracy said...

your butterflies are lovely kathy :)
and if the evidence isn't clear on that card it'll never be LOL. love them :)

Traceyr said...

Ah Kathy all loved up - tee hee. The butterfly cards are wonderful and delicate.

The elephant one is full of fun and erm elephants hahaha!


Karen said...

How CUTE are those effalumps???? Loving them!!!

I do like what you have done with the flutterbys Kathy...lovely colour choice XXX

Angelnorth said...

Looks like you conquered your fear of butterflies on cards pretty well there, Kathy - they look fab! Did hubby appreciate the evidence of the elephants?!

lisa said...

Your butterflies are just beautiful, Kathy. They look gorgeous on your soft, delicate cards and that BP is yummy.
Your ellies are great too.


Hazel said...

Fab butterflies and cute ellies x

Lynda said...

Fab cards Kathy and I'm so glad you showed us the elephants - they're brill.

Love Lynda xxx

Kath said...

Those elephants are gorgeous. I like the butterflies too.

Anonymous said...

Love the little heffalumps to, very cute! Butterflies aren't bad either!!

Janice said...

These are pretty Kathy. Love the little elephants.