Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little Bit Excited and An Awkward Little Wotsit!

Well, actually quite a BIG bit excited!

Over on UK Scrappers there's a wonderful mini-book event going on. Every day a fabby new mini-book idea to try and there are some wonderful and ingenious books to see and learn how to make.

Every day I've been checking in to see the new minibook and save the projects to try when I've got some spare time (yeah yeah), today I logged on and saw my own project - and that's why I'm excited

I've been like a "cat on hot bricks" over the last few weeks, because I had word from Caroline (Bubbly Funk) that MaryAnne (Boss at UKS :)) had asked if she could use my Havana "Flip It" Album during the series.
You can see the article and download the project HERE and if you're a member over at UKS I'd be really grateful if you'd leave a message on the dedicated Mini Book Message-Board - this is my very first time to have anything published on there so I'm not only excited, but very apprehensive too!

Thanks to MaryAnne and all at UKS for putting together this wonderful Summer Mini Book Event, and for featuring my book as one of the projects.

Now a Work in Progress

I'm in the middle of another Display Album project atm. It's not been going as well as it should. Funny how you can make things that are fundamentally the same, but instead of getting easier they just won't co-operate!
So this one has been on the go, off and on, for the last couple of weeks. I'm making it for youngest niece Emily's birthday and time's running out so I really need to get it finished this week.
Maybe showing a couple of photos of the Little Beggar (the book, not Emily, she's a sweetie!) will spur me on!
Here is the unfinished cover - looks a bit sparse, doesn't it? hehe

Inside, one side looks like this - again, there are still some empty pages to deal with

The pages on the other side are covered with paper and that's it. They will be the pages for Em to add her own photos so I need to make all the bits that hold the photos. I've got some pics of Em to print out and add to the side with her name on.
I'll e back in the next few days with a progress report!
Thanks for visiting today, please leave a comment, I do love to read them!


Gez said...

Congratulations Kathy. Its been a great series lovely to see your mini book there too.xx

Anonymous said...

woohooo having your book on have nothing to feel nervous about - your work is amazing!

queen-of-nostalgia said...

Congratulations! That is very exciitng :) Love your little albums very cool!
~Kristen (queen of nostalgia)

Beckie Dreyer said...

Woo Hoo Kathy! No surprise there though your work is fandabby ! Well done!

secret scrapbooker said...

Its a lovely book...and what a great theme.
mines up in the gallery and on my blog.
Thanks for your instructions, great and easy to follow.:0)
Kate x

Angelnorth said...

Congrats on the UKS feature - it is a fab book! I think Em's book looks like it's coming along just fine, a few photo holding devices and you're well away, I reckon!

Kate said...

I think Kathy's book of mini-books has just moved a step closer!

Kath said...

I love Emily's book Kathy. She will love it too I am sure.

Well done getting your work acknowledged on UK scrappers.I'm sure a lot of folk will comment on the main board.Probably later though because maybe a lot will be at work.

Traceyr said...

Congratulations Kathy.

Don't visit UKS myself but I understand it is very important in the crafty world so well done.

No wonder you were thrilled. It is a lovely book and well deserved praise too.


SueH said...

Congratulations Kathy, well done!

I must pop over and have a look to see it in all it’s glory, because it may just inspire me to do something with all the holiday photos I’ve acquired over the years that are at present sitting in a box gathering dust.

Love the look of Emily’s little album too, she going to be so thrilled with it.


Wipso said...

Been checking out your blog. It's really lovely. The mini books are very special.

Kaz said...

Whooo you Kathy!! I'm not surprised they used it as it's fab.

I love Emily's book too, you're using my fave papers too. They make any project look amazing don't they?

Karen said...

ooo wonder you are excited!!! WELL DONE!!! Its a lovely little book.

I am loving Emily's so far. I like how you have used the chippie letters...may have to 'borrow' that idea XXX

Julia Dunnit said...

ooo wot a honour! And no wonder, your book is great; it deserves to be on the front page at UKS! Go you! Really - go and finish Emily's pressie!! It's looking lovely, she'll be so chuffed, I'm sure.

Janice said...

Congrats Kathy! It's a lovely little book and Emily's book looks great too, love how you have her name inside. A few flowers on the front and you'll be there.