Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lazy Saturday

My rellies have been staying with us for a few days, I don't get to see them very often so it was lovely for me to have them here.
Hubby took one of the days while they were here off work, and by some amazing luck it turned out a beautiful hot day - very surprising as the rain had woken us all up during the night because it was soooo loud! Anyway, the blue skies of the next morning were a very pleasant surprise and we didn't need to think up an alternative plan after all. We went over to Audley End, which is such a great place to visit on a nice day as the gardens are just fab to wander around - I'll sort out some photos to put on here later.

My cousin came over on Saturday and we'd all planned to head out for the day - but the weather was so lovely we decided we couldn't be bothered to make the effort and that a day slobbing out in the garden would be much nicer! I even managed to find enough stuff in the freezer to have a BBQ without needing to go out for a hasty shop.
We weren't totally lazy - the croquet, boules and koosh all came out to play during the day, but generally we did very little. Apart from being by the sea I'm not sure there's a better way to spend a sunshiney day - we're too far away from the sea here, and anyway, my rellies live across the road from the beach when they're at home and don't have a proper garden to sit in there, so being in ours was a treat for them.
I managed to get out of my chair for long enough to take a few photos

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Gez said...

Sounds like the perfect sort of day to me Kathy. :-D Glad you had a lovely time with your rellies.xx

Fab photos...love the butterfly.

Kaz said...

Glad you had a lovely time with the rellies Kathy. Your garden looks so pretty.

Traceyr said...

You certainly take a great photo these are wonderful.

Is the last photo where all your courgettes are coming from?


Kathy said...

yes Tracey! I've just been out and picked another three of the beggars! managed to offload a big bagful on my rellies at the w/e but still got plenty - do you want some? lol

Karen said...

I so envy you your beautiful garden Kathy....it looks such a little oasis of calm. I love the photograph of the butterfly X

Kath said...

Lovely pictures Kathy.Love the flower pictures. What do you do with all your courgettes?

Angelnorth said...

Sounds like the perfect day, Kathy! Glad you had a good one - the photos look fab!

Janice said...

I know what you mean. I love to stay home when the sun is out, sitting on my patio. The butterfly photo is exceptional.