Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crafty Wednesday

The new set of Crafty Templates are on the loose for you to buy and use in your crafting. I'm a bit late getting my DT cards up on my blog - I seem to be making a habit of sending my pics to Leo at the last minute just now - I'm hoping that the next lot won't be being finished off on the due-date, it would make a nice change not to be doing that!
Anyway, here's one of my cards using this month's set of templates

These monsters are soooo cute!
I decided to add some speech bubbles with "monster-speak" in them as one with the translation for those who don't understand lol

Crafty Templates are available HERE

I was taking a break from writing up my project for tomorrow (ok, so I was procrastinating again....), by checking out the messages on the DCM blog to see who'd been joining in with our latest challenge (I think this one has really sorted out the "men from the boys" hehehe) and found a fab acetate version of the Flip card on Julia's blog - plus a little dare of her very own called "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" - asking for pics of what your desk looks like today. As Julia's entered her card for the DCM I thought it only fair to join in with this! So here goes

It's actually tidier than usual as the project I'd just finished didn't call for lots of bits of paper. If you're up for a bit of fun, why not head over to Julia's BLOG and join in!
Go on, I dare you!


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh, it looks right creative! You're more organised than me - all those pots of embellies look lovely! Thanks for joining in - how fun - I found once you're over the shock of going public it's just great to see what other people are up to!! (Sheer nosiness really, then!)

Kaz said...

Ooo that looks tidy Kathy!! I may join in with this as mine is a state!

Love those monsters, they are fab x

Anonymous said...

a very tidy desk indeed!
Love the monster card...fab!

Angie said...

Love those monsters and the speech bubbles were inspired.
Great shelf unit on your desk for all those little pots ...glad you say that it is often untidy though lol

Caroline said...

Love the card Kathy.
My desk is actually quite tidy at the moment, but I am sure that will change as soon as I start crafting later today...x

Lythan said...

I love those monsters they are just too cute. And that desk looks rather tidy to me!

Angelnorth said...

The monsters are fab, great card for a young 'un (or even not so young 'un!). Shame the light has gone and I can't join in with the desk thing ;o) (actually, it's really not too bad at the moment, still benefiting from the mega tidy for Janice's visit!

Janice said...

Yes it does look suspiciously tidy, I hope you didn't cheat!

Traceyr said...

Monsters are fabulous.

The challenge to photograph my desk - well I did it a week or so ago when I was suppose to be "tidying" and it still looks a tip. lol