Wednesday, November 04, 2009

WOYWW and a Glittery Forres

Thanks for all the lovely messages that have been left over the last few days - I'm really glad you liked my Doc Martin card especially - I had great fun making it so it's good to know other people like it too

Finally getting around to loading photos of Sunday's C-word card making session. It was back to a Trees theme this week and I've used a couple of Cuttlebug Christmas Tree dies and also the smallest of the Spellbinders Nesting Trees set to make this little forest.
I had the idea in my head of using a Nesties circle in the corner of the card with a glittery tree on top. I thought it would be easy to make quite a big batch of cards like that, but I soon got diverted.
The first photo shows the first card I made with that idea in mind. Black glitter card and silver glitter tree, some doodling around the edge. I'm never happy with my doodling. The other card on this photo I really like - the dark panel is a really deep blue and the silver trees look fab on it

I thought I'd do something similar but with gold trees on a dark red background
These four are the ones I'm most pleased with from Sunday's session.

It's fumy how changing the colour scheme makes such a difference. I had some scraps of turquoise, purple and blue paper and glitter card lying around my desk so I used them aong the same lines - but I'm really not so keen on the next four

So, another 8 cards done and that means I've got 80 in my box. I think I need to up the workrate a bit now though as suddenl;y December isn't so far away!

On to that time of the week when we all get to satisfy our inquisitive streak and have a good old nose around fellow crafter's craft spaces. This is WOYWW - or "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! If you head over to Julia's BLOG you'll find out all about it and find lots of links to those of us brave enough to participate!
There's not much actual crafting going on on my craftdesk today - doesn't prevent it being a right old mess though

I've been writing up a project today, and after I'd finished I had some Robo cutting to do - I took this next photo while Mr Robo was busy doing his stuff. I thought I'd show you that not only do I have one messy desk - I have two messy desks!

Mr Robo on the right, My Cuttlebug on the bookcase at the left and Mr Bind-it-All lurking under the desk. There's a plastic crate full of stuff I don't use very often under there too - that's mainly to rest my feet on though!

I wonder what's on your workdesk today? Are you brave enough to share?
Oh go on!
It's fun,

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Linda Elbourne said...

Pile em high ... what a fab motto that is :0)
I rest my feet on stuff that I plan on altering ... no ... it is not a box of junk :0)
Love your Chrissy cards X

LadyBug said...

Fantasic work space! I woild love to have enough room to have a Dyecutter out all the time. I think I could Justify buying one then :) your room is so bright and cheery :) thanks for letting us look about.

Lynda said...

Another batch of brilliant cards Kathy and your workspace looks a right old hive of activity and a fun place to be!

Love Lynda xxx

Kaz said...

Ooooohhhh I spy Tigger feet!! I can never tire of looking at your craft space.

Love those C word cards too, very stylish xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous christmas cards Kathy. I keep threatening to start mine, but as usual, I'll probably leave it to the last minute!

Great work space - I'm busy re-organising my conservatory to house all my stuff.

Vanessa. :)

Julia Dunnit said...

It's a lovely bright space isn't it. I have a box of terribly important things that I put my feet on too! Love that your cuttlebug becomes extra shelving when not in use!

Janice said...

The red and gold ones are the ones that stand out for me Kathy.

We crafters do like to spread ourselves out ha ha!

Net said...

Your desk is way to tidy!

Angelnorth said...

More great cards Kathy - I'm with you on the first four being my faves! Looks like a hive of activity in your space today, too!

Susie Sugar said...

Oh Kathy darling far to tidy this week ...I want to see creative mess next week and lots of it !!! lol
But me likes that you left your punch draw open ...was that just for me !! he he
I may just show you mine next week !!
Hugs Susie xx

Sam said...

wow what a fabulous crafty room!!! I feel quite "underdone" with my little stash and yet I still can't keep tabs on everything I've got!! (still, I've got a chance to stock up when I go to Birmingham tomorrow!!)

Traceyr said...

Kathy does Mr Robo have enough room for the carrier sheet to move backwards and forwards or is that just something my machine does 6 times before cutting? lol

Lovely Christmas cards too.


Hazel said...

Not messy at all, Kathy - a hive of crafting activity - just as it should be x

Hazel said...

sorry, meant to also say how classy the cards are x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Beautiful Cards :) Wow that is a work desk....wish I had one like it :)....thanks for sharing.

tracy said...

WOW!! those cards are stunning kathy :)

Jules said...

Hi Kathy

Love the look of your craft room.

Wouldn't dare share mine!!

Off to the NEC tomorrow so need to get up mega early to clear up my space to make room for more things I can't possibly manage without!! I have been deprived for weeks!

Love Jules xx

Mel X said...

Love the Xmas cards and what a fabulous work space. Am quite envious LOL. Thankyou for sharing!

Mel X