Monday, November 02, 2009

Wassup Doc?

Ooh it's a bit chilly today, sunny though and thankfully less wet and windy than it was yesterday. It was definitely a day to stay home and warm! A bit of work around the house and then hubby watched the last GP of the season and I got on with making some more C-word cards - my box is looking good and healthy now, I'll have to have another count and see whether there's enough in there yet. I'll put some photos on here tomorrow of the most recent cards - you'll probably be pleased to here that there's not a snowflake in sight!

Today I've got the card I made for my cousin, who's rarely seen in any footwear other than his Doc MartinsI was really chuffed witht he way this went together. I used an image I found on Google to make the template for the boot - it looked a bit trickier than most of those I've made, because it wasn't the sort of image I could reduce to 2 colours and still see the various lines. Still, I realised that there were only three layers to deal with so in the end it wasn't so hard and I didn't have to ask for help from hubby - I always feel extra chuffed when I manage to sort something computerish out for myself! Mind you he'd probably have come up with a better way to do it!
Never mind, eh?
I just used a couple of colours of Bazzill to cut the boot, then added some inking to scuff it up a bit and some white pen for the stitching - it should be black but that wouldn't have shown up. I had some pewter coloured eyelets which were perfect for the lace holes, but I actually had to ink some ribbon with a black stazon for the laces themselves as I didn't have enough really narrow black ribbon or anything else suitable! I also had to alter the ribbon at the top from black and white to black and yellow - honestly, the lengths we go to! lol

Papers are "Father Knows Best" by Dream Street - I love these papers but haven't really used them much. The "Happy Birthday" is one from the home-made sticker sheet I made a couple of weeks back using decal transfer paper from Crafty Computer Paper.

I'm not quite sure when I started making "unusual" cards for my cousin but it's now a bit of a habit, here are some pics of some I've made over the last few years.

They usually take up on something about him - so last years was inspired by his love of Jaffa Cakes!

The pizza box opened on this one - I put a photo of a pizza inside the box

When he first took up archery I made this one, the arrows actually stood out from the target

There have been others, but I think that's quite enough!
I'm not supposed to be on the pc, I have a new project in bits on my desk - I'm really trying to work out what to do next - can you tell that?
Right, back to it
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Karen said...

oh oh oh I think this is amazing Kathy!! I remember the pizza box & the jaffa cakes well. Wonder what you will do next year eh hehe XXX

Anonymous said...

wow that boot card is amazing...very clever Kathy x

CLARE said...

Brilliant Kathy - this is such a unique card and the colours are perfect. Love the pizza one too

Traceyr said...

Great boot card Kathy and your cousin is very lucky to have such personalised cards. :)

Julia Dunnit said...

It is reassuring to know that others blog whilest trying to avoid another job or project. Here I am doing just that. Sadly though, I have no collection of cards of your calibre to show; they're fab!

Kaz said...

Love the boot card, what and inspired idea xx

Lynda said...

This is just brilliant Kathy as are the other cards you've made for your cousin over the years. How privileged are those that get truly personalised cards. Hope they appreciate all the effort. That Doc Martin boot is so life like. You're just too clever!

Love Lynda xxx

CraftyC said...

These are great cards Kathy, love the DM. Fab idea

Angelnorth said...

Fantastic boot, what a great card!

Janice said...

Wow that is just incredible, I can't imagine how you put that together, but your cousin is very lucky to get such an unusual card.

Linda Elbourne said...

That boot is totally boot-i-ful ... geddit ... I LOVE it!

tracy said...

those cards are fab kathy :)

Carol said...

WOW what a gorgeous card - that boot is totally fAB and so realistic - well done on doing it yourself, know exactly where you coming from on the "feeling very pleased with yourself for doing it on your own!" hope your cousin loves his card xx

Hazel said...

Love the doc martin card - super idea x

Lesley said...

Thanks for popping into my blog - thought I'd return the compliment and I've had a lovley time browsing through your creations.
LOVE this card! lots of humour! Fab idea!
Lesley x

Lisa Hemmings said...

Kathy, the cards are lovely! you really are so clever.
HAve you thought of making sheets of the rub ons and selling them? I would love to buy some because they are so personal (please?!!)

Lisa x

Anonymous said...

WOW Kathy, th Doc Martin boot is just fantastic!! You are just so creative. :) I love your other cards too - especially the pizza! :)


Mel X said...

LOVE the Doc Martin boot - brilliant!

Mel X