Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paddling Against the Tide

Today on the Bubbly Scrumptious emag I've gone against the Christmas Flow (should that be Torrent?) and made something which isn't for Christmas but still uses the wonderful "Christmas Magic" kit from Bubbly Funk. Does that make any sense at all? Too many "Christmases" in there I suspect, but what else could I say lol!

Anyway, what I mean is that instead of making another Cword project I've made a Birthday one instead. Mil's birthday is right at the start of December so it was time to start thinking about making a card for her. The Prima Poinsettias which form one of the Kit Add-Ons have been sitting in my DY kit box looking enticing and just waiting for me to come up with the right project to use them on.
No way was I using more than one though, so I've used some velvet leaves from the kit plus flowers from my stash, and I've made some coiled paper ones from scraps of the papers to fill it all out a bit.

So what do you think? Does it shout "Christmas Stuff" at you, or have I got away with it?
You can see more of this project and many, many others by clicking HERE and you can have this kit for your very own by clicking HERE and choosing some or all of what's available this month

If you're up for another little challenge - how about seeing what non-Christmas project you can come up with using Christmas stash - go on, I dare you!

Happy Crafting!


Scrappy~Sarah said...

A beautiful card, and not a note of C :)

Wipso said...

That is just perfect Kathy.....and yes you have got away with it. Its certaily doesn't shout Christmas to me :-) A x

Karen said...

Definitely not Cwordy Kathy! Absolutely gorgeous m'dear. I have those flowers on my desk but I am too mean to use them yet haha XXX

Lisa Hemmings said...

The card is beautiful! i'm sure she will love it

Lynda said...

Oh Kathy this is just too beautiful for words. I love your little flower arrangements they're always so perfect!

Love Lynda xxx

CLARE said...

Lovely card - i would never have known it was made from a christmassy kit, although it has a wintry feel about it

lisa said...

Definitely not christmassy Kathy, it's gorgeous, your friend will absolutely love it. Those flowers are great.
I have a friend whose birthday is Christmas Day, what a nightmare, I always try really hard to make her a card that is definitely not Christmassy, she gets fed up with people lumping both together, which is hardly fair is it, everyone else gets two celebrations!


Julie said...

A beautiful card and not at all Christmassy

airing cupboard crafts said...

I love that card it's beautiful xx

Traceyr said...

Gorgegous card Kathy. :)

Hazel said...

It just goes to show that Christmas kit can be used for other things - scrumptious crafting - I didn't buy it because I've got lots of Christmas stuff, but perhaps I should consider it x