Thursday, November 12, 2009

Journalling Christmas, and a late WOYWW

I just adore the gorgeous Bubbly Funk November Kit which is based around the Fancy Pants "Christmas Magic" paper collection, I love the muted colours of the papers and as usual Caroline has added in some fabulous embellishments to go with them. So, over on Bubbly Scrumptious today, I'm continuing working on the Christmas pocket journal I started last week.
This week I'm showing how I decorated the front cover of the book

The Inside cover or Intro page

And believe it or not I've even managed to do the first page (it's nothing complicated mind!)

I've also done the first side of the first tag
Are you impressed? No, I thought not!
I'll be impressed myself though if I actually manage to fill all the pages and tags. Whether that'll happen we'll just have to wait and see!

I was so busy yesterday - finishing that page and tag plus writing it all up for the BS EMAG that I didn't get to post my WOYWW, even though I did actually do my photo. So here you are - you can see the album on there, the box in the foreground is the November kit.
There's plenty of mess to tut-tut over as usual

Maybe, once I've got my DCM card done for tomorrow I'll get a chance to have a mooch around all the other craft desks and see what everyone is up to this week.
That's all for now, back tomorrow with DCM - if I ever get my card made that is!


Wipso said...

Your Christmas album is really beautiful. I am impressed :-) A x

queen-of-nostalgia said...

This is fabulous! I love your little books - this one is so lovely with all the little details :)


PS - I love that your workspace gets crazy messy like mine. A clean house is boring :)

Julia Dunnit said...

You won't catch me tut-tut-ing over your desk! Love the album, what'sin the pot with the yellow lid then?

tracy said...

looking good kathy :)
and yes i am impressed -well a little LOL

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Your Album/journal looks fab, and a most lived in craft space......I love spreading out to craft....helps the creative juices flow :)

Kaz said...

Love your journal, I have every intention of making one of these.

I love your desk this week Kathy, it's very lived in ha ha ha xxx

Karen said...

i am impressed Kathy hahahaha its all coming together beautifully X

Angelnorth said...

The little album is shaping up beautifully and your workspace is definitely bearing the scars!

Hazel said...

Your album is beautiful. As for your WOYWW this week, it's not surprising it's like that with all the fab crafting you turn out - it's not messy, just 'lived in' x

Janice said...

Looks lovely Kathy, I'll go and see the full thing on BS.

Traceyr said...

Just how crafty are you Kathy? I mean really enough is enough - you have even altered your rubbish bin. hahahaha :)

Love it and the tag album.

Susie Sugar said...

Hello were late I almost missed you and your desk !!
Your book is fantastic I am well impressed and I love the rich warm colours you have used
I have had a nice rumage round your desk (didn't take anything !! lol)
See you next week
Hugs Susie xx

lisa said...

I'm very impressed Kathy. Your pocket journal is amazing. I love how you've decorated the cover. Those baubles are just yummy!!
A messy workspace is good, it means lots of creativity is going on!!!
Have a great weekend.


glitterangel said...

Your album is absolutely gorgeous, I love those papers and all the little details are fab!