Friday, November 13, 2009


This week on the Daring Cardmakers it's Paula's turn to set the dare and it's her first time setting the challenge. She's come up with something both practical and unusual. Practical because it's a chance to use up scrap cardstock and unusual because of the shapes and sizes of the cards we're been making.

My first challenge is all about


Scraplings are little narrow cards made from scrap cardstock. You know how when you make a card from a a piece of A4 or Letter sized cardstock you're left with an off-cut? Well that's the basis of a Scrapling. When folded in half, the Scrapling's card front will measure roughly 2 1/2" x 4 1/4" , though this depends of course on the size of card you were making in the first place!

Paula set the pace when she gave as examples not one but THREE little beauties to admire. They looked so pretty grouped together that a few of the team followed her lead - or it maybe that they were just showing off lol lol
So when you head over to the DCM BLOG you'll find lots of Scraplings to admire and inspire/ there are solos, duos and trios to see, so please check them all out - more info on them all will appear on our personal blogs too.

I made two - because I had two pieces of the Kraft card lying on my desk from last week's dare. Somehow they were different sizes, which is strange as both the cards I made last week ended up the same 14cm square that I prefer....
That's really why I made one portrait and one landscape style card, they'd have looked rather odd otherwise.

I used MME "Merry Days of Christmas" papers for these two little cards.

I knew I wanted to use those papers but couldn't decide how to use them on the little cards - you know how it is when you're having one of those days, nothing goes according to plan, does it? Even something as simple as sticking a couple of scraps of paper on a card is difficult!

Then it took me ages to make the sentiment because I was trying to be clever (I should know better by now). Hubby was working from home yesterday but was soooo busy and looked so stressed that I didn't like to keep asking for help, but in the end I had ask how to to get the ampersand behind the words as I'd got in a right muddle with layers and backgrounds and Heaven knows what (I'm so not techie!).

But it was the snowflakes I think that really slowed me down and ended up with me adding my cards well after 10am this morning!
I wanted to achieve something similar to the K&Co layered snowflakes you can buy - but they are in whites and blues and I wanted creams and reds because I'm awkward.

I knew the smaller dies in both Spellbinders sets weren't going to be much help and the Cuttlebug ones weren't what I wanted either.
I have a couple of punches but I wanted more variety. That's when I ended up searching the web for clipart snowflakes and converting them to Robo templates.
It took ages to get them into template form, and then the templates took ages to cut etc etc - any other day I'd have asked Hubby for advice, but I muddled on because he was so busy and I didn't like to bother him again! I just know that he'd have got them sorted out in a quarter of the time and they would have been more streamlined and quicker to cut.

Never mind, I got there in the end and actually even though I got myself in a right old pickle I did enjoy working with these Scraplings, they are a lovely way to use up off-cuts and a really nice size to work with. I've just been thinking that it would be fun to make little envelopes to fit them, too. Not sure whether I actually will or not mind!

Right. I'm going to take my coffee over to the other desk now and investigate the contents of the parcel that's just arrived from the lovely Karen at Charmed Cards and Crafts - then I plan to do some more crafting - and please, please let it not be as much of a struggle as it was yesterday!

Thanks for popping by and for leaving such wonderful messages which are always such a thrill to receive


Anonymous said...

oo loving these Kathy - love that youve done portrait and landscape.

tracy said...

they look great kathy,and well worth the saga of getting there :) only a crafter would understand LOL

Wipso said...

Fab cards Kathy. A x

Lynda said...

Absolutely fabulous Kathy and such a lot of work put into them! I love how you did a portrait and landscape version too.

Love Lynda xxx

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm not really bothered how long it takes you, your stuff is always stunning. In fact, in even more honest words - I'm kinda glad that SOMETHING does slow you down!!

Lythan said...

these are scrummy Kathy - and so detailed!

Dolly said...

These are fab Kathy, fab papers and beautiful snowflakes worth all the trouble. I was wondering about envelopes too but probably won't get 'round to it. lol;)xx

Hazel said...

Awwww, despite the struggles yesterday, the end results are beautiful - well worth it in the end x

Kaz said...

I just love the fact that you usually have a little story behind your crafting, and you are usually as daft as me!!

These are beautiful and are so worth the faffing and ggrrrs xx

Linda Elbourne said...

These are beautiful ... love the colours and those papers X

Jozza said...

Stunning cards Kathy. I love the warm festive colours - they almost make me feel ready for Christmas! lol xxx

Wipso said...

Do check out my blog...Ive left you a challenge there :-) A x

Karen said...

haha you havemade me smile...I have days like that too! But it was so worth it because these looks fantastic Kathy X

Angelnorth said...

Yep, sounds familiar! Glad you got there in the end - got there in style too, these look fab Kathy! Love your ampersanded sentiment (yes, I just invented a word!)

Linda Elbourne said...

Great word Jo :0)
I just came to visit after your message Kathy ... you do realise that means you could come around and play :0)

Jo said...

They are fab Kathy - I think I had one of those days too making mine, but all turns out well in the end :D

lisa said...

Afternoon Kathy. It's lovely to know other people struggle as much as I do, especially when they end up producing such beautiful results as you do. I love these little cards, what a great way of using up odds and ends.
Your greeting looks fantastic, what would we do without our other halves to help out when the 'puter gets too complicated.
You've inspired me to have a go at something like this.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope it is calm and creative.


Allison said...

they are just lovely Kathy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kathy - I love the traditional colours. Glad you got there in the end! :)


Eve said...

WOW!!! Your cards are simply STUNNING!!! I am sooo glad I cam across your blog - thx so very much for the great inspiration!!