Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Workdesk Wednesday and a catch upand more Cword Cards

I really am a rubbish blogger just now. I'm not great at posting and even worse at blog-hopping! This is mainly down to two things, one is that Cword thing and all it entails, the other is Bejewelled Blitz - which I've got to stop playing if I am to stand any chance of getting my generally self-imposed Cword commitments met!

The actual Cword cards are going fine - I think I've made enough to cover my send-out list, my card box is looking nicely stuffed!
Here are a few more of the ones I made on Sunday.

I made the stocking template and cut them out with Mr Robo. A layer of thim card, then the stocking shape, then the twiddly bits on top. They don't really take long to make then the cards are easy to put together. The papers are MME Merry Little Christmas and as usual the cards are pretty simple - I try to let the paper do most of the work. The only extras are the sentiment and a few blobs of gold Stickles.

If you check the card and scrapling combo on the post below this one you'll recognise the design I used for putting these together! I really liked the way it worked so used it again for these cards.

Wednesday comes around pretty quickly and about half an hour ago I remembered that Wednesday means WOYWW and I hadn't done my photo. Just made it before it got too dark.

When I look back I do wonder if my desk is really boring to look at - nothing much changes from week to week, it's always a whole lot of mess surrounding a teeny bit of green mat to work in ah well, the goof thing is that thanks to Julia I know I'm not the only one who works like this!


Julia Dunnit said...

Boring? Are you kidding? I'm mesmerised by it! I see you are a good girl and label your Queues. Is that becaueyou have a tiny guil/OCD about things like that or becuase you need to know colours after you've used 'em for articles and things?

Karen said...

Oh Kathy...your desk is always a joy to can see YOUR green mat hahahaha Oh & I crave your MS punch!!! XXX

LadyBug said...

Nothing boring here!!!! loads to look at and some fab Chrimbo cards!!! love it!!!!

Angelnorth said...

More lovely c-word cards, you've been doing really well with these! Desk is looking good too (as in, I can see some desk!)

Susie Sugar said...

Not boring at all darling , in fact when you post the photo can you do it in large format so when I click on it to enlarge it its bigger so I can get in closer I need to be more nosey !!! Lol I want to see more !! God I am naughty today aren't I !!
Well we are both messy girls this week I have "stuff" everywhere again but as you said you were suffering from "punch envy " last week so I have put them all away you won't spot one on my blog today its all pen and stamp mess this week !! Lol
Oh BTW I love those stocking cards ...very nice , do you have my addy !!! Lol cheeky today sorry !!
Better go now before I get into trouble !! He he
Love Susie xx

Kaz said...

Ha ha for once my desk is tidier than yours!! I love your desk shots, there's so much to see that I missed last time.
Love your cards too xx

Sharon said...

Beautiful cards!!!

lisa said...

Hi Kathy. I'm glad I'm not the only one who clicks on your desk photo to have a proper nosey. Is there such a thing as workspace envy!! I love your drawers full of stuff and everything going on.
I'm also with you on the Bejewelled thing. I play it on Hubby's itouch in bed and suddenely realise it's 1am and he's fast asleep!! Still I've got some impressive scores. My other half hates it 'cos it's one thing I can beat him at-what sad lives we lead!!
Love the C Cards, fantastic.


lisa said...

Ha Ha Kathy, unfortunately, my work desk is nowhere near as interesting as yours, I have to have a coner of the dining table and it all gets cleared away for tea and then got out again afterwards so I have no interesting pots and potions about, hence the desk envy!!
I've looked for Bejewelled for the Nintendo without luck but the itouch works for me, it fits in my pocket, although I do have to ask to borrow it first!!!! It's handy for those boring waiting rooms etc though.
What scores have you got!!


Sam said...

love thoes cards, they look just fabulous!! (although it took me a while to figure out what you meant by Cword!! ha ha)

Traceyr said...

No Kathy you are not alone haha. I see you have thrown away a glossy accents bottle - used it up already? Well I am not surprised you have made an extraordinary amount of Christmas Cards. Those stocking ones are fabulous.


Allison said...

lovely stocking cards, and I'm glad I'm not the only one with a green mat surrounded by mess!

Wipso said...

Nothing boring there at all Kathy. You have a really fab space and really love the cards. I'm only just getting round to thinking about the C-word cards and I think it might me felting for mine this year :-) [bet that didnt surprise you].
A x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Gorgeous the desk :) Must get in gear and make some more c cards myself!!!

Linda Elbourne said...

I nearly forgot to leave a message ... I was having a lovely time playing in all your stuff :0)

Carmen said...

Please excuse my lateness, I'm still busy catching up on desks before this wednesday looms :D

Definitely not a boring desk, like Susie I'm very nosy and always lean in for a closer inspection. You always have so much going on. Love it.