Friday, November 27, 2009

Merry and White

I'm a bit late loading the card I've made for Jozza's dare on the Daring Cardmakers this week. Mainly because I started doing some Christmas shopping on Amazon, and got thoroughly bogged down in searching for stuff for everyone. I'm sure you know what it's like when you get lost among the "shelves" - sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find my way out.
However, it's got to be less of a hassle than traipsing around real shops at this time of the year - especially when you're not really sure what you're looking for!
Now, if only I could find my Christmas gift notebook things would be easier. Looks like I might need to make another one!

Still on the theme of Christmas I can move niftily and seamlessly into Jozza's dare for this week.
"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"
I want to see Christmas cards that are mainly white with just a hint of colouring on your embellishments or stamped image.
If you head over to the DCM BLOG you'll find a fab array of mainly white cards - we all moaned and griped about the difficulties we had photographing them, but it's lovely to see them altogether, they do look so pretty lined up like that.

Lots of embossing and layering and plenty of other pretty things came into play this week, texture really becomes the name of the game when you are limited to mainly white for a card. Mr Cuttlebug certainly earned his place on the crafting desk this week!

Here's the card I've made for this dare
I know the photo is rubbish, but trust me, this is the best of a bad lot - there are 19 other photos )I've just been and counted them) sitting in PSP - I tried different backgrounds, different angles and some even had some "props" in an attempt to go all posh and arty. In the end though, it was this one taken flat on the top of the bookcase that turned out the best. I really couldn't find the patience to try anything else!

I cut the baubles with Mr Robo, then embossed them with various CBug folders before layering them up a bit and adding some gold highlights. The card blank was embossed with the baubles folder. The ribbon on the lower edge is white, but has a pattern on the centre satin section and also has gold thread running through it, but that's not showing up at all. I made the "Merry and White" sentiment on the pc then cut it out with a Spellbinders die.
Basically this is just white card, some ribbon, a couple of brads and some gold thread. So why did it take sooooooo long to make? lol

White on white always looks impressive and delicate but is a mare to photograph - we hope that won't put you off having a go at our dare this week though!

Right, I have three choices of what to do now
1. make a coffee
2. make the anniversary card that I've had on order for months
3. do some more Christmas shopping.

hmmmm, I wonder.....

Thanks for popping by


Angelnorth said...

Very stylish, love the touches of gold on this one!

lisa said...

Have the coffee first, then you can drink it while shopping. The card can wait until later. Well that's what I would do. Can't you tell why I don't get much done!!!
This is one beautiful card Kathy. White on white is so classy. Your Christmas cards are just beautiful. I look at yours and then feel mine are totally inadequate.
Have a great weekend.


Lythan said...

Wonderful card Kathy - I love those baubles! And well done on being persistent with the photo it paid off in the end (btw I think you have a repeat para above)

Wipso said...

So? Coffee it is then :-) I can guaratee if I make a coffee I always get a customer and this afternoon was no exception...except this one wanted fittings for 3 pair of trousers so the coffee went cold! Oh well back to the kettle and start again. Have a great weekend Kathy.
A x

Anonymous said...

I love your take on this weeks dare - it was a toughie to do and to photograph!

Kaz said...

I love this card Kathy with all the embossing xx

Hazel said...

A beautiful, classy card - yes, it's so difficult to get a phot of white on white, isn't it? (I'm glad I'm not the only one that takes loads of photos and still can't find which one to blog) x

Rosanne said...

Beautiful card!