Friday, November 20, 2009

K is for......

Not a lot as it happens. Something I discovered when Rein set the challenge this week for The Daring Cardmakers.

It's Rein (or Rika) here today and my,dare this week is:
"The First Letter"
I'd like you to put things on your card which begin with the first letter of your name.
You can use other things too, but see if you can use at least 3 things that share their initial letter with your own name.

For example my name is Rein so I could use rose, robot, radio, raven...

hmmmm. I managed to come up with Koala, Kangaroo and Kitten - not a great start.
Thanks to my fab Teamies and some ideas from Hubby things eventually started to look a bit more positive. Mind you one of Hubby's favourite ideas was Klaxon, but we won't say any more about that. I also rejected the idea of Knickers - no surprises that it was our lovely Lythan who came up with that one.

Anyway in the end I made a card with Kisses, Knots and Kraft card. Sorry Rein, I just couldn't think of any more to fit on!

Supplies for this card were:
Kraft card base
White card & MS hearts border punch
Papers are from two different sets both by My Little Shoebox
Red satin ribbon, pink & red brads from stash
Letters are cut on the Craft Robo from red gloss card
The little hanging sentiment was just printed via the pc, I handcut the heart shape and punched a red gloss card circle to mat it on and used eyelets and knotted red fibres to attach it to the card

Oh yes, the kisses are mine - made by plastering my lips with loads of lipstick and "kissing" some white card - I did feel silly doing it but it worked really well.
Obviously, there's only one person I could give this card to - my lovely Hubby who tolerates my ever increasing stash collection and doesn't grumble too much at the mess I make or even the state of my desks - which must be really hard for him as he's an "empty desk" sort of person. He has a huge desk too - what's the point of a huge desk if you don't fill it all up with stuff? hehehe

This dare certainly got us thinking - and we hope it'll give all the DCMers a good challenge too - after all that's what it's all about, it was easy it wouldn't be a challenge, would it?
Well, that's our excuse anyway!
If you've not already been there, please pop over to the DCM BLOG and see what the team have come up with using their own initials. We'd really love it if you'd join in too, and have a bit of fun with this one.


Anonymous said...

I do like your take on this weeks challenge Kathy - but boy,was it a challenge,ay!

Lythan said...

Oh Kathy are you suggesting I am a "rudie-doodie" as my kids would say? :) I think your card is inspired!

lisa said...

Well done with your K's Kathy. I love the kisses!!!
What would we do without our hubbys to help us out when inspiration goes awol, although I'm not sure about the Klaxon!!

Have a great weekend.


Lisa Hemmings said...

Oh Kathy, what lovely ideas for "K"!
I love the kisses - very personal!
Lisa x

Kaz said...

Fab card Kathy, trust us to be difficult. I think you need to swap desks with hubby to give yourself more room to spread out!! xx

Karen said...

and what wrong with Klaxon??? LMAO!!!!

You have done well with your kisses hon. mmmm...your kisses look like a stamp I have. Did you model for that then??? X

Hazel said...

Well done for coming up with those K things - very impressive - and such a lovely card. I'm pondering on H things - just glad my name isn't Zoe! x

Lynda said...

Absolutely brilliant card Kathy - those kissing lips are inspired!

Love Lynda xxx

Net said...

Oh I'd have loved to see a klaxon on your card Kathy! I've now got an image of you all pouty with a piece of card...

Fabby interpretation.

tracy said...

thats very good kathy :)

Anonymous said...

Love this card Kathy - your kisses are fab! :)


Julia Dunnit said...

Works for me! Sorry it was hard for you - am kinda glad that some stuff is !!!

Rein said...

Your card is wonderful Kathy!

Angelnorth said...

I think that sequence should have been kiss-knickers-klaxon rather than kiss-kiss-kiss :haha: Fab card, well done!

Mel X said...

Fab job in the end Kathy. Love the lips - are they yours or a stamp??

Mel X

Traceyr said...

I've used the kissing the card technique too Kathy and felt a bit daft but it does leave a good image. hahaha.

Wonderful card. :)

Enfys said...

Your card is just fab Kathy, although I would have loved to have seen a pair of knickers on there. Hmmm E, my mind is a blank at the mo, this sounds fun
have a lovely weekend,
En x