Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bubbly Funk and a Jaunt to the North

Did you miss me?
We've been up in Northumberland with my rellies for a little bit of R&R. It was lovely to spend some time with them and to be near the sea for a little while - nothing quite like a walk along the prom for blowing away those cobwebs!
We didn't take many photos this time, but I've got a couple to share in a minute. First though, it's Thursday and that means my turn to add something to the Bubbly Scrumptious EMAG. I did a couple of cards before I went away, using bits and pieces from the November "Christmas Magic" kit and just a couple of bits from my own stash.
These are fairly quick to make, and use a couple of the journalling cards, chipboard letters, and Stickers as well as using up some paper scraps I had saved from other projects

You can see more about how I made them HERE

I grew up in a seaside village - I've posted photos before, but here's another one, anyway! The Church on the point is where for hundreds of years most of my ancestors were baptised, married and buried.
My mum would meet me out of school on nice days and we'd go straight down to the beach. I spent hours with my Grandads and dad playing in the rockpools by the breakwater.

We had some lovely sunny weather - some rain too, but all things considered we did pretty well compared to a lot of the country, so decided to go up the coast and over the causeway to Lindisfarne (Holy Island).

You can't miss a garden centre visit at this time of year, can you? While we were up there we went to Heighley Gate GC and spent a small fortune, I might add!

I don't normally take photos of giant inflatable Father Christmases, but this year I've made an exception as this will be perfect for a page in my Christmas journal!

(Actually, to be honest - I made Hubby go and take the photo)

I promise I'll get around the blogs just as soon as I've caught up with the "to do" list - mind you, that could be sometime next Summer at the rate I'm going!


Angelnorth said...

Hurumph - those blue skies were mine, I tell you! You nicked them! :haha: Glad you got some good weather, hinny - the sun is actually trying to break through at the moment but the wind's still up and it keeps having a go at raining too.

Wipso said...

Yes you were missed of course :-)
Lovely to share your photos and to hear you've had some well earned R&R. Really love the two cards. Not so sure about the inflatable father xmas.....think I would have fancied using a big hat pin on him :-) Bar humbug :-)
A x

Kaz said...

Those are gorgeous cards Kathy, but it's the pictures doing it for me today. They are beautiful. I love how crisp it gets at this time of year. xx

Net said...

That beach looks lovely from here in the warm!

I reckon that Santa will be perfect outside your house Kathy. You can admit you bought it....

Julia Dunnit said...

Missed your WOYWW! Guessed you were away....I only sampled the Northumberland coast for the first time last year. Oh man it's fantastic. Would love a holiday home along there.

lisa said...

I'm glad you had a lovely break, Kathy. I love Northumberland, there's not many parts of the country with such beautiful empty beaches even on a hot summers day.
The weather looks great, you were lucky to see the sun.
Your cards are as beautiful as ever and it's nice to have you back.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back the cards...the joy one is my the shape/design

Hazel said...

I don't know that part of the country - looks great - well, apart from the big Santa - where on earth was he? x

Janice said...

Kathy - you must have had your own patch of blue sky following you around. Glad you had a good time.