Saturday, September 29, 2007

Through the Post...

A post about post - both sent and received...............
Isn't it fab when birthday surprises keep arriving?
I had more cards this week!

This one came all the way from Singapore - a lovely surprise from Pearl - who has become a good friend and crafting buddy!

And then through the letterbox popped something else with a "foreign" stamp on it - this one coming from "just over the water" from the lovely Sylvie in France; someone else I've met through the DCM dares and am happy to call my friend.

Don't you just love the way the crafting community is world-wide and just so full of friendly, generous people?

And then yesterday a parcel arrived all the way from..........
and inside was this beautiful card and pressie from the lovely Em

I've now got my very own blackboard to write my reminders on. Em's obviously trying to help me get organised (fat chance....) because she's even tied a piece of chalk on a cord so there are no excuses. hmmmm nice try Em, but huge Thanks for my lovely pressie.

I'm busy making covers for my new CJ - it's due to start on Monday and I'm hoping to be ready by then - it's another BIG CJ with 9 or 10 people in the circle (must check that). Also need to make my file cards up for a recipe card swap - theme is chocolate this time, so it should be fun to see all the choccie recipes that come flooding in - I bet there are a good few choccie muffin recipes in there!

Busy too with Design team stuff, making birthday presents and various cards, and then just when I'm twiddling my thumbs because I don't have enough to do (as if) I get an order for three special cards......and one is needed pretty quickly. So why am I sitting waffling on here then? Because prevarication is a wonderful thing.....

Anyway. I know that Anne's received her blog candy prize from my birthday card challenge, so I can now blog some photos of what I made for her.
It's a maze book (do I hear "oh not another one....yawn...."?)
I used the beautiful BG Fusion papers for this one (are they my favourite BG papers ever?)
each double page has a place for a little photo and a little area or tag for some journalling. I'm quite pleased with this format - it has more cohesion I think thatn others I've made where i just do each page as I fancy at the time!
Here are some pics - not all of the pages though, don't worry!


Hazel said...

A super maze book (must try one soon - it's on my list (long list!). Love your chalk board from Em.

Ying Pang, said...

Lucky you to receive wonderful cards from worldwide cardmaker,doesn't it a wonderful hobby ? :-)

Maisymary's Findings said...

Yo Kathy !

Wow lovely cards & pressies you get ! lol

Glad to see my card arrived in pretty good shape ! lol

Gorgeous creations you've been making & gving ! wonderful ole pal !

Em said...

See, I always knew Swindon would end up being mentioned among international places pmsl!!!

Gorgeous cards from your friends abroad, fabby maze book - I don't know how you have the patience!

Mmmmm... as for my chalk board - I'm guessing the chalk broke in the post cos it was a lot longer when I sent it - or did you get the munchies and not want to leave your craft room??!!!

Angelnorth said...

Luck you and lucky Ann! Your extra cards and pressie look great and I'm sure Ann was pleased as punch with her blog candy - looks fab!

Sylvie :) said...

You received some beauties again :). Happy my card is arrived safely.