Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stuff and Nonsense

The weather has picked up - a bit late, but iy's nice to see the sunshine and feel some warmth, too - a couple of weeks back the heating was actually coming on because the house was so chilly!
One of the fun things about this house is that we have blackberry bushes in the garden, so every couple of days I've been out there picking the next batch of ripe berries. So far I've got 2 bagfuls in the freezer and on Sunday we took a third bagful over to my bro and SIL. Picking them reminds me of going out blackberrying when we were kids, then the house smelling of jam-making as mum and Ann, who lived next door made loads of jars of jam to sell at the Churxh Bazaar.

I heard from Leo yesterday that my very first Crafty Templates design team pack is all ready for me, so I'm doing that excited/nervous shuffle thing again. I'm sure my first month's stint will be the hardest as I don't really know what to expect. I wonder if it'll arrive tomorrow?

My birthday is coming up soon, and as we'd fully expected to be in the throes of the building work by now we hadn't planned anything. Well since the planning permission was delayed, and in consequence we lost our "slot" in the builder's schedule, we've booked a couple of nights B&B in what looks to be a seriously cute little cottage in the middle of nowhere - but actually not far from Southwold - which I love - mainly because of the very long prom and it's long row of the prettiest beach huts I know of! Please let the skies be blue so we can get some good photos!

I've been pretty busy with the cutting & glueing this week, but yet again I can only show some more of those fiendish sneaky peeks, so here goes

DCM day tomorrow, finally got my card made today, but I'm having trouble getting the ........... colour to show correctly in the photo. Hopefully Hubby can sort it out for me or it's going to look ......... instead of ..........


Leo said...

You should get your kit by the weekend Kathy!
It's all perttty and cute not scary one bit :-D

Hazel said...

Love the peeks! Southwold is a lovely place - haven't been there for quite a while, but have lovely memories

Julie said...

That's funny I've just uploaded some beach hut dominoes to my blog lol

Paula said...

Hope the work gets underway & done before wet winter days... oh I forgot we have those all the time!!
Don't let it spoil your birthday.

Im sure you'll be fine once the kits arrive & SNAP, this light is dreadful & colours are not showing true, I had a pig of a job!!!

Tammy James said...

Hi Kathy,
The detail on the inside of my card is a rub on. Its from the MM doodles pack. :)